Dermatologist-Approved Tips For The Perfect Skincare Regimen

30-Second Summary


  • It can be difficult to build an effective skincare regimen given the sheer volume of skincare products and trends.
  • However, the key to effective skincare lies in minimalism and a targeted approach that even dermatologists vouch for.
  • Instead of layering too many products, follow a simple routine with a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen during the day.
  • Additionally, identify your skin type and add 1-2 treatment serums or creams to tackle your skin concerns.
  • By using fewer products and ones that suit your skin, you will minimize the risk of skin irritation.
  • Moreover, this simplistic skincare regime can make your skin clear and radiant, keeping the signs of aging at bay.




Building the perfect skincare regimen can be difficult, considering the sheer volume of products in the market. With new multi-step regimens becoming popular every season, you may get confused about what skincare steps to follow. Plus, the varieties of skincare ingredients, serums, and potions can be overwhelming. 


To identify the best skincare regimen, you need to first understand your skin type. Every skin type, be it oily, dry, or sensitive, requires a different set of products for optimal skin health. 


If your face turns greasy within an hour of cleansing, you have oily skin. If your skin feels stretched out after cleansing, you have dry skin. Alternatively, if certain areas feel dry while others feel oily, you have combination skin. Lastly, if your skin is prone to redness and irritation, you may have sensitive skin.


Once you understand your skin type and what your skin needs, you can easily build an effective skincare routine with minimal products.


6 Skincare Steps You Must Include In Your Routine For Healthy Skin


  1. Cleansing – Cleansing your skin to unclog your pores is the key to healthy skin. It prevents acne and infections caused by clogged pores and allows the rest of your skincare products to absorb better. So, make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day for healthy and glowing skin. If you wear makeup, include a makeup remover or oil cleanser in your evening routine before a face wash. This combination will remove all the grime and makeup from your skin, allowing your products to work better.


  1. Treatment – The treatment step of your skincare regimen is supposed to be a serum or cream that tackles your skin concerns. For example, it could be an anti-acne treatment for oily skin or an anti-aging serum to tackle the signs of skin aging. These treatments should be applied to clean skin before a moisturizer.


Some of the popular ingredients in treatments are Retinol for anti-aging, Vitamin C for brightening, Niacinamide for oil control, and Hyaluronic Acid for hydration. Additionally, the positive Hibiscus and Honey Firming Cream reviews suggest that it could be a good cellulite treatment. You can pick a treatment as per your skin type and concerns, based on the product claims. Include it in your morning or evening routine, depending on the instructions for use.


  1. Eye Cream – An eye cream also falls within the treatment step but specifically for the under-eye region. Eye creams contain moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients to add a youthful look to your skin. They may also contain brightening ingredients to combat dark circles. Some of the ingredients commonly present in eye creams include Vitamin C, Retinol, Peptides, and Ceramides. These ingredients tackle the signs of aging and protect the delicate under-eye area. Eye cream is a must if you want to follow mindfulness for healthy skin.


  1. Moisturizer – According to studies, a moisturizer offers multiple benefits to the skin as it strengthens the barrier, tackles dryness, and softens the skin. Additionally, it can also fight inflammation and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Most moisturizers contain a combination of humectants to attract environmental moisture, occlusives to lock moisture in the skin, and emollients to soften the skin. They may also contain active ingredients for specific skin concerns.


Hibiscus And Honey Firming Cream is a moisturizer and treatment combined in one product. It contains hibiscus extracts to tackle cellulite, honey for its anti-aging benefits, and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing properties. These ingredients are delivered to the skin with the cream’s AgeLOC technology. Hibiscus And Honey Firming Cream reviews are quite mixed, and some users experienced moisturized skin and lesser cellulite after trying the product. So, you can try this cream if you have aging skin prone to cellulite.


  1. Sunscreen – Sunscreen should always be the last step of your morning skincare regimen. Apply it liberally all over your moisturized skin, and don’t forget your neck region. Studies have found sunscreen to be effective against sun damage, which causes hyperpigmentation, tanning, and premature aging. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure. It is a non-negotiable product for an effective skincare regimen.


To protect your skin and prevent the signs of skin aging, you must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection. These days, various sunscreen formulations are available for different skin types, so choose a consistency accordingly.


  1. Facial Oil – Facial oil is an optional last step for your evening skincare regimen. It will complement your moisturizer by keeping your skin soft and hydrated for a long time. Plus, it may contain essential oils or plant extracts for healthy and glowing skin. This product is particularly suited for dry skin as it offers an extra dose of nourishment. Other skin types can also use it if they like a dewy finish to their skin.


Here Is What Dermatologists Have To Say About The Ideal Skincare Routine


Most dermatologists believe in minimalistic skincare with products that are suited for your skin type. They encourage the use of cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen during the day along with 1-2 treatments for your skin concern. Instead of overwhelming your skin with too many products, dermatologists advise using fewer products with targeted benefits. This is because some trendy products may not be suitable for your skin and may harm it instead. Moreover, studies have found that using too many products and treatments frequently can cause skin irritation as well as conditions like rosacea. It is best to stick with a minimal and targeted skincare regimen.


The key to an effective skincare regimen is practicing mindfulness for healthy skin. Identify your skin type and select the right products for your concerns with the help of a dermatologist, if needed. This is the best strategy for achieving healthy and radiant skin.




The best way to build a skincare routine is to stick to the minimal 5-6 steps and choose the products for these steps as per your skin type. Cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection are must-haves for any skincare regime. Additionally, you can add a treatment step to your morning and evening routine to tackle any skin concerns. Layering too many products isn’t necessarily effective and may irritate your skin. Dermatologists suggest selecting a few effective products and staying away from ever-changing skincare trends.


While selecting skincare products may seem like a daunting task, it will be simplified when you follow this approach. So, set a few skincare goals and build a minimalistic routine to achieve them. Your skin will thank you for it!



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