7 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas to Consider in 2022

Did you know on average, Americans spend 142 on Valentine’s Day? If you want some unique romantic Valentine’s day ideas, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some fun ways to surprise your loved one.

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1. Go On a Day Trip

Surprise your loved one with a planned day trip. Is there a cute neighboring town or village you’ve always wanted to explore?

Plan ahead and call in a reservation at a new restaurant. Go for coffee at a cute café.

2. Consider Playing a New Game Together

Try something different instead of resorting to the typical couch and movie date. Play a game with your loved one.

Search for a popular board game online that couples love to play, and surprise your partner.

You could try themed games as well.

3. Make a Special Playlist

Plan a cozy night together. Another fun and unique activity is curating a special playlist for your partner.

You can pick up your favorite treats, play the songs on the television, and listen to them together.

Consider adding songs on the playlist from your past. Reminisce about first date songs or the songs you loved to listen to over the years together.

4. Go On a Hike

You could do something active together like hiking at a spot. Take a scenic hike and unwind with your loved one.

Is there a favorite park or trail you like to visit? Try checking out these hikes with your loved one. You’ll have fun and get to enjoy a new scene with your loved one.

5. What About Volunteering Together?

Another option is volunteering at a local charity or organization together. You should find an area you both feel passionate about and connect with others.

Volunteer and help others in your community. Find out a local charity you could support today.

6. Take a Cooking Class Together

Find a local chef in your area who offers classes. You could take a cooking class together, or even a mixology class. You might even get to do this in the comfort of your home or at a unique retreat.

Surprise your partner with this special and unique valentines gift.

7. Stargazing Together

You could look at going stargazing together. Surprise your partner with a telescope. Identify the stunning constellations in the night sky.

You don’t need a telescope. You could also cozy up on your patio and use a stargazing app.

Want to get a view of the sky? Go on a helicopter ride. Click here for more information.

Consider These Valentine’s Day Ideas

We hope this guide on Valentine’s day ideas was helpful. Consider some different and unique dates for your loved one.

Curate a special playlist together, or sign up for a cooking class. You could also go stargazing or play your favorite board game.

Are you looking for more helpful tips? Would you like to keep learning unique ways to improve your relationship? Stick around and browse our relationship tips on the blog.

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