Ainvesting Review – My Experience With This Broker

The economic conditions that I am seeing right now is making me worried. Because many people want to boost their income but they fail. It is hard to meet up your living cost, manage expenses, save for the future because of rising inflation. Internet, no doubt is providing many opportunities for people to generate money in many different ways. I believe trading has the most potential to offer people with great opportunities to earn. Trading is not a new concept, if you go back few decades, just like me, you will find how people used to trade various instruments to earn profits.

Throughout my trading experience, I tired many brokers and trading platforms and found out that a lot of traders are not reaching their potential by choosing the wrong channel to trade. All these years I looked for the right broker that provide maximum benefit to the trader and help new traders to understand the trading process and techniques in a better way. 

What Do You Need To Know About Asset Options

When you are browsing through the brokers, you need to look for the website that is offering you maximum assets. I visited many websites when I was looking for the broker I would trade. Options for trading assets were my priority for many reasons. I believe that a website that is offering more assets is better than the one who is offering less and only popular ones. Let’s see why this is important.

Imagine that you are trading with a broker that only has limited assets. You will be bound and have limited possibilities to gain maximum profits. This way most parts of trading will be unavailable for you and you cannot reach your highest potential like this. So when I was browsing and checking the asset options for trading websites, I found some brokers that were really offering more options than other websites. One of these brokers was AInvesting. With using AInvesting I was able to trade with asset types that I never even heard of. That is the reason why I prefer choosing broker with so many asset options, as new doors to profits are opened to you of the trading world. Similarly, with AInvesting, I had access with multiple financial markets with hundreds of asset options. So let’s understand what types of assets you should look for:

  • Cryptocurrencies

This is the first asset that I recommend you to look for in a trading website. I was surprised to find out that there were so many brokers who didn’t even offer cryptocurrencies in this digital era. The first asset that most of the new traders learn before even starting is the cryptocurrency. After looking at the condition of the world’s economy, I can clearly say that crypto asset will matter a lot in the future. So technically, if you are choosing a broker with access to cryptocurrency, you are investing on your future. The most popular cryptocurrency assets that you will find in the market are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. You can also trade with options like Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

  • Forex Currencies

Forex market is really popular throughout the world. Traders are trading worth Trillions of dollars every day in this market. Any other trading market is very far from these numbers. However, if a broker offers you Forex currencies, you still need to check if they are offering you various pairs of currencies or not. When I was trading with AInvesting, I found many pairs of forex currencies with this broker that I was able to trade with. For instance, they were offering USD: GBP, USD: YEN, GBP: EUR, etc. I prefer a broker that not only offers you major pairs of currencies, but also you can trade with the most volatile pairs. Many brokers do not find important to offer you minor pairs of currencies, but what I found in many websites like AInvesting, that they are offering maximum opportunity for you to decide and trade on your own strategies. 

  • Indices 

With this asset, you can trade the assets of various companies all over the world. You can trade the stocks through shares. But you should go for indices if you are trading with assets of different companies. If a broker is offering you this asset, you can trade with your favorite stocks under one platform.  Trading with indices means that you are trading stocks of multiple companies in a time.

  • Stocks 

Most people who know a little about trading are aware of stocks. Companies all over the world have various stocks. Their shares are spread in the market. Anyone can buy those shares and become shareholder of that company. This way you can invest in multiple companies. This is another great way of earning profits.

  • Bonds and ETFs

I really found it hard to find a broker that offers multiple instruments to trade in the market. In my search for a broker that offers maximum assets, if noticed that there are very few brokers who are offering bonds and ETFs trading. CFD’s are one of the major trading methods in the market.

What You Should Consider About Funds Safety, Account Information, and Verification

Now let’s discuss about what safety I found after signing up with popular brokers. I will share my experience about how these brokers care about his trader’s funds, interest, and information after I registered on their website. 

  • Encryption

In this digital world encryption is very important for protecting the information. When you are providing the information on the internet, that information is secured through encryption only. So the first thing that I consider about a broker is whether they encrypt the data or not. If your data is not encrypted, it travels through the lines of the internet naked. This means that if a person is trying to steal you data, can easily have access to it. The hackers will not have to follow any special technique to take over your sensitive and personal details. However, if the broker is encrypting your details you will be safe. Then the person who is trying to steal your information will not be able to break the code. So when I used Ainveting, I found that they are encrypting all the important details that I am providing to them. So this makes me comfortable and safe.

  • Verification 

While choosing a broker, I recommend a broker with strict procedure of verification as detailed and extensive process of verification is for your own safety. You need to make sure that the broker is following with the AML and KYC policies. This way your information and interest can be safe. When you will be in the process of signing up with brokers like AInvesting, you will have to provide the proper and identical information. If you have any type of debit or credit card you will have to provide a picture of it while you are signing up. This is to make sure that are you the same person whose identity you are registering on the internet. You should know that identity theft is a crime around the world and websites like AInvesting take cares of these securities.

  • Segregation 

The funds you are going to deposit in your account should be separated with money that your broker is holding. Brokers have their separate account with various types of banks. But when the broker keeps your money in the same account that means that you are in any sort of trouble. If you see the rules and regulations the online broker will have to follow, your money should be stored in different segregated accounts. These accounts are only used to deposit the money the trader has kept for his business soft. I recommend you a broker who keeps your money in a separate account for protection. This way if for any reason the website got block or suspended, you still have access to your money. Ainvesting just like many other popular brokers gives you segregated account for your money.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

The traders that are willing to sign up with a broker will face several common issues. A good broker will make a database of the questions that are asked by traders and will provide their answers in the FAQ section after those issues are repeated by the trader. When you will visit a website of good broker you will always see FAQ section. The good thing about the section is that the questions are answered in different types of categories this will make help you in searching any answers of a question very easy. With FAQ section you can get the instant solution for a common problem.

  • Live Chat Support

I haven’t seen this feature in many brokers but only the top ones. The online live chat is very famous among the brokers. This way a trader can communicate with their broker through live session. I have found this feature in some websites including AInvesting which is an amazing feature. When I registered with AInvesting, Live chat option was always available to me. The customer care service is willing to help you with this feature. You can even talk with some of the brokers through text messages or even on WhatsApp. These types of features offer you amazing service as whenever you are facing any problem, you can instantly find help.

  • Contact Details

In consider these methods very important as you can get in touch with the company that you are going to sign up with. That is not the case with all the brokers because they do not provide FAQs section, or some websites do not even have any kind of contact details. I do not get how people trust those companies and risk their hard earned money on those websites. With AInvesting you can have the address and phone numbers that are provided on the website you are signing up with. And you can contact the customer care department of this company which is 24/5 available at your service.

Accounts Offered by AInvesting

When I am choosing a broker for trading, I always look for the variety of account options they are offering. For instance if a broker is offering more accounts then they want you to pay for the feature you want. If a broker is offering you no account or two accounts they are bounding your capability and you will be paying for features that you will not use.

When I was registering AInvesting, I found that they are offering four options. The choices they are offering made me comfortable in choosing what I really want. When you are going through the features of all the accounts you will recognize what account will suit you better. Broker has probably provided the features depending on the expertise of the broker such as professional, advanced, or basic traders. So let’s see what I found out by analyzing all the accounts:

  • Standard Account

If you are a new trader or know little about trading, you should choose this account. Everyone needs to start somewhere. If you are just starting to trade, you will not know much about it. You will either hesitate to do anything or place a lot of money without any proper strategy. This may lead you to loss some fortune and you may end up considering that trading is not your piece of cake. However, when I advise new traders, I always ask them to understand how the trading works and you will not learn until you are separate from professional traders. You need to understand how important it is to learn at the pace that your level of entry is. You need to start with as little risk as you can. So AInvesting offers you an account where the initial deposit will be $250 an you have the access to all the stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and Forex currency pairs.

  • Premium Account

This is a premium account and broker has made this convenient and easy for the trader. Initially you need to deposit $1000 to activate this account. Through access with this platform, you will enable to trade with dozens of markets and with hundreds of trading assets. AInvesting will keep you spreads constant on any account you select.

  • Platinum Account

If you think that you are above advanced level, you can register yourself on this account. To activate the account, you need to deposit $5000 in the account and you will receive benefits that you were not able to get from the basic account. The broker will provide you reliable and great trading signals from the start.

  • VIP Account

With a VIP account you can control the way you need the things to appear. This account is expensive, and you will be paying $25,000. However, you need to choose this account if you are trading professionally for many years. You will get all the advantages that you will be receiving from the previous accounts and many other additional ones. This account will help you learn the advanced strategies for trading.

  • Professional Client

I also find an additional feature that AInvesting is offering to their traders. With professional client feature you can also become a professional client for this broker. Signing up with any of the regular account will limit you under some features according to your expertise. However, if you choose this account, you will have complete freedom from those limitations. In order to qualify, you need to maintain your trades on a certain level in each quarter. To find further details about this account you can visit their website.

Further Features That You Need to Consider

There are many factors that define a broker to be better than other brokers. One of the biggest factors is the trading platform. You cannot earn at your fullest, if the trading website is not user friendly and you are not able to handle the features easily. Many websites adapt various features and options to ease the trading efforts for their brokers. Below we will discuss what my experience was with AInvesting and what features they offer to help their traders:

  • Web-Platform

This may look obvious to you that a broker offers web access to their platform. However, I have seen many websites who do not offer trading through web. In trading, I found many websites who were offering software that you need to install for trading. This way many hackers can spy on your computer and you are at the loose of threats and theft. And downloading software will limit your boundaries and you are restricted to your computer whenever you need to trade. However, there are many other options that popular trading websites are providing. One of those options is a web-platform.

Web-platform is basically a login through the website of the broker. So you do not have to download unnecessary applications just to trade. Simply login in to the website and you can trade with ease. I consider a trading experience should be seamless. Many new traders are not just new to the trading industry, but also have little knowledge about trading platforms. So the broker should create easy access so every trader should learn how to use the platform easily.

There are more benefits of Trading through web-platform. You can login to your account through any browser around the world. You can stay updated about your account and the market no matter if you are at home, office, or at friend’s, your user name and password is only thing you need other than internet access. In short, trading through web browsers is really convenient.

  • Available on Mobiles and Tablets

As new methods are available, traditional trading is no more that powerful than new methods. I found this when I signed up with brokers that were providing additional benefits to their traders. The world has entered into the digital era, so as the trading. Today everyone is on their mobile phones and tablets throughout the day browsing through the timelines, and homepages of Social media sites. However, they can use their phones and tablets for earning profits. Advanced brokers do not restrict you to your computer, but they also provide you access for trading on your mobile phones and tablets. 

You cannot carry your computer everywhere you go, but you need to trade, even if you are abroad on a trip. That is the reason why more and more websites are offering applications that you can download on your tablets and smartphones and have access to your trading account all over the world. This is what I found interesting in AInvesting as they are offering you the same benefit. Imagine, you are cruising with your friends, you can still check on your account for any update on the market condition, or any strategy that you learnt from your friend, you can instantly open the application and trade without any further efforts.

  • Trading Assets

As discussed above, various brokers offer different assets. With traditional trading the case was different. You had to visit a different broker if you need to change the asset you are dealing in. Today, this doesn’t make any sense right? As trading websites like AInvesting are offering various options to trade with, you can simultaneously trade in multiple assets and show your capabilities with full potential. AInvesting and many similar platforms offer you tools for trading such as graphs, charts, and indicators so that you can trade with complete information of the current market.


Now as you know what factors you need to consider while choosing a broker, you can get started with trading on the assets you are interested in. Keep in mind that you should trade with a broker who offers you a user friendly interface, and a flexibly platform. I highly recommend you to gather complete information of a broker before choosing, so that you have knowledge about want you will be getting by registering to that broker.

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