Go Local! 5 Key Reasons to Invest in Local SEO Services

Nearly half of Google searches are for local businesses. At least 72% of consumers visit a local store after searching online. With local search engine optimization (SEO), you can reach those customers.

Then, you can generate more foot traffic and sales to grow your business.

Not sure if you want to use local SEO this year? Here are five reasons to consider local SEO services.

After discovering the benefits of local SEO, you can make a more informed choice!

  1. Generate Brand Awareness

Consumers will never shop from your business if they don’t realize your storefront exists. With local SEO services, you can improve your search engine rankings.

When someone searches for your product or service, your Google Business profile could appear. Your blog content and web pages might appear as well. Each time consumers find your site as a result, brand awareness will grow.

Over time, repeat exposure with your brand can turn brand awareness into recognition. 

Consumers will begin to associate your offerings with your brand. They might contact you directly or go straight to your store. Then, you can start turning those consumers into sales. 

  1. Increase Foot Traffic

Remember, many people who search for a local business visit that business. Learning how to use local SEO can help you generate foot traffic.

In fact, people can use your Google Business profile to find directions to your storefront. They can also determine your hours. 

If the information isn’t listed or accurate, you’ll miss the chance to reach those customers. They’ll turn to businesses that use local SEO services instead. 

  1. Boost Brand Loyalty

Local SEO benefits your brand’s reputation, too.

You can encourage shoppers to post their reviews on your Google Business profile. Generating reviews can boost your reputation. Future customers might feel more inclined to trust you as a result. 

If they trust you, they might decide to shop from your store. Then, you can turn those customers into loyal customers. Over 40% of consumers spend more money on brands they’re loyal to.

You can generate repeat sales to boost your ROI.

  1. Increase Sales

Local SEO can help you generate foot and website traffic. As consumers learn about your business, they might start to shop. Then, you can generate more leads and sales.

Learning how to rank in Google Maps can help your business appear before others in the area, too. Then, you can remain competitive as you grow. 

  1. Gather Feedback

You can also use your Google Business profile to learn from your customers.

As they begin posting their reviews, make sure to respond to each one. If you receive negative reviews, offer a solution. Show consumers you want to fix the problem.

The benefits of local SEO can help your business improve over the years. Consumers might feel more inclined to return as a result. 

Get on the Map: 5 Amazing Reasons to Request Local SEO Services

Get on Google Maps and help your business grow! Consider using local SEO services this year. With help from an experienced SEO agency, you can expand your reach.

Start experiencing these local SEO benefits today.

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