Apple iPhone 14 release date, price, features, and news

As 2022 is already upon us, the rumor mill is churning rumor after rumor about the upcoming iPhone 14 series which, come hell or high water, should hit us this fall.
So, what have we been hearing, exactly?
Tons of things, including but not limited to the fall of the iPhone mini and the rise of a new device category (an affordable iPhone Max), a big design change in the form of a punch hole cutout for the selfie camera and the Face ID modules, as well as faster hardware, and… a higher price. All of this to be brought to you by Apple come September 2022.

Apple iPhone 14 Release date

Apple is one of the more predictable tech companies, in a sense that it has pretty concrete announcement and release time frames. No matter what happens, we always expect iPhones to be unveiled in September and released on the market shortly after, in a week or two’s time. This is why we expect the iPhone 14 to be announced and released in mid-September 2022, which is the usual iPhone announcement period for Apple. Of course, something unexpected could theoretically change that timeframe, but the chances are low – the iPhone 14 release date is in September 2022.

iPhone 14 Price

Recent rumors pin the pricing of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max versions to be pricier than its predecessors. The anticipated price hike is due to a variety of factors, namely the more expensive punch-hole display with variable refresh rate and the overall price inflation across the supply chain. Apple is reportedly still considering the price hike, but provided it does happen, then the prices of Apple’s 2022 lineup could look like this:
  • 6.1″ Apple iPhone 14: $799
  • 6.7″ Apple iPhone 14 Max: $899
  • 6.1″ Apple iPhone 14 Pro: $1099
  • 6.7″ Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1199
It’s important to say that the iPhone 14 Pro max could potentially get a lot more expensive due to an upcoming camera overhaul that could very well increase the costs. Of course, given the timeline, we could very well be off by a certain amount here or there, but generally, we don’t expect a colossal spike in prices for the iPhone 14 series, though if we see such a price hike, it would most certainly be for the Pro models.

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