4 Incredible Reasons to Go on a Wine Tour

Did you know that about 77 million Americans drink wine at least once a month? While drinking wine at home is fun on its own, going to a winery can be a way to enhance your wine experience if you’re part of this group!

Plenty of wine lovers around the world visit wineries every year, but is it something that you’d enjoy as well?

If you’re planning to go to wine country sometime soon, a wine tour could be a great way to celebrate your trip. It might be the perfect opportunity to relax a little with the rest of our party!

Keep reading to get our main 4 reasons that you should consider a wine tour when trip planning.

1. Learn About Wine

You’ll get to learn all about the different wines that the winery has available straight from the source. This allows you to get more information about where the grapes come from, how they care for their wine as it ages, and more.

In addition to this, you get to learn about the qualities in wines that set them apart from other wines. You’ll learn more about the wine’s structure, how impact’s your palate, and more.

These can be great skills to have if you plan to get into wine and want to better understand why wines taste the way they do. Plus, it’s something that can really impress your friends at your next dinner party!

2. Taste Delicious Wine

Another reason to visit the best winery on your trip is that you get to try some fabulous, high-end wines.

Unless you’re already a wine connoisseur, you probably don’t often purchase expensive bottles of wine or types that you’ve never tried before. A wine tasting during popular winery tours will allow you to have that opportunity.

If it is a wine you’ve had before, you’ll be able to experience it in a new way! Learning about how it was made, what the origins are, and more will give you heightened knowledge.

3. Views of the Vineyard

When you visit wineries, you’ll find that you’ll often get the chance to see the vineyard from a beautiful vantage point. Looking down at the vineyards gives you a better appreciation for all that goes into the wine, but it also is really special to look at all of the foliage and rolling hills.

One example is the Matakana Estate New Zealand, which has some of the most beautiful lands in the region!

Many vineyards have something special compared to others, like a unique history or type of grape crop, so during your tour, you’ll be able to see what makes that specific winery different from the rest.

4. Try Food Pairings

Not all wineries have food pairings as part of their tours, but if you search “winery near me” and add in something about food pairings to the search bar, you’ll likely find that some of the ones in your area do offer this.

Learning about wine by itself is fun, but learning about wine and the different types of food that go well with it is even better! You’ll be able to remember what you’ve learned for the future when you want to create a masterful charcuterie board at home.

Now Is the Time to Go on a Wine Tour

If you’ve never been on a wine tour and aren’t sure if it’s worth the time and money, rest assured that you’re going to have a great time.

Wine tours are about more than just drinking wine; they are about creating memories and an experience that will last a lifetime, especially for true wine lovers.

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