5 Stunning Ideas for Garden Design Revamps

Did you know that a great outdoor space can boost the value of your home by 11%? This not only makes revamping your backyard fun, but it’s also great for your bank account. If you’re overwhelmed with where to begin, this guide is packed with great ideas for garden design.

A great garden design and backyard flow will give your family the extra space you’ve been dreaming of. From the yard layout to the entertainment areas, we’ve rounded up five must-try ideas for your yard.

1. Refresh Your Lawn Care

When it comes to revamping your garden design, it all starts with your lawn. Heartland Turf & Landscape can take care of dead grass, lawn maintenance, weeds, and more. Lawn care should always be a top priority when you’re looking to transform your outdoor space.

No matter what else you add to your backyard when you have dead, brown-looking grass, it will take away from everything else. Imagine a beautiful lawn for your kids to play on or your dog to run around. Start with your lawn care, and the rest of your design will come together.

2. Create a Garden Design for the Whole Family

When you’re creating a new garden design, start by giving some thought to how you use your space. Keep the whole family in mind when you’re planning. Think about who plays where and what you need most.

Design the garden for how your family uses the space. This is the time to create different zones in your yard. You may have a space for relaxation, a space for play, and a space for dining, and entertainment.

3. Give Yourself Year-Round Enjoyment Around the Fire

A beautiful addition to any yard is a fire pit or a fireplace. This is the area that will give you year-round enjoyment no matter the weather. Even in the winter, you can utilize a fire pit with space for everyone to cozy up and relax.

A fire pit will also extend the use of your yard. Cold nights or winter days can still be spent outdoors. Consider an outdoor movie night with hot chocolate and s’mores. The whole family will love getting to use your beautiful new outdoor space any time of the year.

4. Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Space

Your outdoor space can add some major square footage to your home. With everything going on in the world, people are spending more time working and entertaining at home. It’s easy for even a large home to start to feel small.

To give yourself more room for entertaining, use this time to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space. Make a large outdoor dining area, and add a pergola or a new deck. These types of outdoor improvements can add some major value to your home and even help it sell faster when that day comes.

5. Make a Spa-Like Retreat

Your yard can also be a place for rest and relaxation. Create a nook in your yard that’s just for peace and quiet. Think beautiful flowers, trees, green grass, and a good book. A chaise lounge chair or a porch swing are great places to sit back and relax in your beautiful new outdoor space.

Try These Ideas for Garden Design Revamps Today

If you’re looking for ideas for garden design, you’ve come to the right place. From creating different entertainment areas to the layout of your outdoor space, we’ve rounded up five ideas to give your yard a much-needed refresh.

For more garden trends and landscaping ideas, check out the blog section. You’ll find inspiration, resources, and more.

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