Banded Krait Snake (Banded Pit Viper)


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Banded krait

In this blog, we share information about the banded krait snake. This species of krait snake is endemic to Sri Lanka and has a highly specialized diet, which includes a wide variety of insects. The first species of this group was described in 1882 by Günther.

Banded kraits are some of the deadliest snakes in Asia. Their venom has powerful effects and can cause respiratory failure or even death within 15 minutes. Because of this, many people are afraid of snakes. But this fear should be tempered with knowledge. Here you’ll find information on how to identify a banded krait snake and how to kill one.

Banded krait minor-satellite (Bkm)-associated Y chromosome-specific repetitive DNA in mouse.

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Banded krait Related information

The banded krait is the most venomous snake in Asia and is known as one of the world’s most dangerous snakes due to its extremely fast rate of movement, lethality, and ability to deliver a powerful bite. The banded krait’s unique anatomy gives it its name. The snake’s body is divided into a series of bands, which are a continuation of each other, rather than being separated by muscles. This causes the snake to move more smoothly.

The Banded Krait (Banded Poisonous Snake) is a snake found in India, Southeast Asia, and the western Pacific Ocean. It is a subspecies of the king cobra. The venom is neurotoxic and inhibits neurotransmitter release at nerve endings.

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Banded krait Related Animals is an information website about krait snake that shares a list of all banded krait related animals.

Here we offer a variety of articles on snakes that are related to banded krait. These include species such as vipers and pythons.

Banded kraits are found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. They can be found in areas of dense vegetation, such as swamps and mangroves. They are considered harmless to humans.

Our snake related blog contains information about various snakes including the python, viper, boa constrictor, coral snake, garter snake, and others.


The Banded krait (Bungarus ceylonicus) is a snake found in the Western Ghats, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives.

And Thailand. They are harmless to humans, and are popular pets. In Thailand, they are sometimes called Mai khao or mai ngan which means ‘big cat  In Sri Lanka, the Banded krait is commonly called kala kiriya’ or black cobra

This is a blog that I wrote for Banded Krait Snake Control in Sri Lanka. There are lots of photos. It was

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