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Sedna (mythology)

Sedna is the name of a goddess in Norse mythology. This is the Norse equivalent of Demeter. She is the guardian of young women. In this blog you will learn more about her and how she affects us.

How big is Sedna?

Sedna is a planetoid in the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune that is being watched from Earth by the New Horizons spacecraft as it speeds toward its closest approach in July 2015. As of February 2015, Sedna has been identified as one of the most distant known objects in the Solar System. Its distance from the Sun is approximately 382 million kilometers (237 million miles) and it completes an orbit around the Sun every 311 years. It was discovered in 2003.

Is Sedna a planet?

Sedna, the exoplanet of 7th closest star Alpha Centauri, is the closest exoplanet to Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. The name Sedna was taken from an Inuit legend, which said that the planet was the daughter of the sky giant, who was also responsible for other planets. This is a very interesting topic and a must-read!

Is Sedna a Kuiper belt object?

This post is about the discovery of Sedna, a Kuiper belt object that might be a dwarf planet or one of the most distant objects in the Solar System. The post also includes some interesting facts about the objects discovered so far.

How was Sedna found?

He also found a wooden box, an object with a cross, and other items, but the most intriguing thing was the fact that there was no way of knowing/

How the box or Sedna had been found, nor how Sedna got there. This story is now a legend and it has helped us promote Sedna as a gift that can be found anywhere.

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How bright is Sedna; can I see it?

Our most popular post is “How Bright Is Sedna?” which tells you how far away the Sedna can be seen and how bright it is. We also have other related posts, like: “How Bright is Sedna? Part 2” and “Is Sedna Visible From Space?”.

Do we see a moon around Sedna?

Sedna is the largest planet in the Kuiper Belt. This is where Pluto is located.  It took 6.5 years.

What is Sedna made of?

Sedna is a new line of premium wood furniture with a unique look and feel. It is designed by the creator of the popular Bocci Collection. The pieces are crafted from solid beech wood using a traditional process.

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