How Documents Management Tools Can Benefit Your Business.

For office workers, it could be very hectic to manage a bunch of files and keep them organized. Often they misplace the important files which lead to making a huge loss.

Therefore, the office staff needs to keep the files organized. They can merge the files or keep them in an order to share them easily.

If you start managing the files manually, it may take a lot of time as you will have to figure out every single file and keep it in the place.

Here users can go for an alternative easy way. They can get help from online tools as it will make the workflow better and organize the documents in a sequence.

Numerous online tools can be handy in this regard. Every user selects the tool as per requirement. But there are some common issues that every office guy has to face and for it, they need mutual excel to pdf online tool.

In this article, we will talk about all the necessary tools that are the need for everyone. Users can get help from these online tools and save their time.

Top Tools That Can Help in Organizing Files

Here is the list of best online management tools that can help in organizing a bunch of files and make office tasks easy. Let’s discuss these tools in detail.

PDF merger

Keeping the PDF files scattered can never help you manage them. Therefore, it is quite important to merge all those files that are on the same topic.

This will not only help you organize the documents but also make it easy for the users to share the files with others users can get help from an merge pdf online that will combine all the files present in the device with a single click.

Moreover, you can also keep the documents in a sequence without losing the content present in the files. So, you can also keep the files safe in this online tool.

A user just has to upload all the files in the PDF combiner and it will bind them all with just one click. So, this process makes the working process easier and boosts productivity.

On the other end, when you have to compile all these files manually, it will consume more time for the users. So, here online PDF merger will be a handy option for you. 

PDF splitter

Although, it is important to keep the files organized and keep the documents with the same topic in a separate folder. But what if you have to share a particular part of the file with the others? Will you send him the entire document?

Absolutely not! The thing is that you will have to split the page from that particular file and send it separately. For it, users can go for a PDF splitter. This is the safest and quickest option they can have to split the PDF files.

The users only need to upload the files in the PDF extractor and select the pages that they want to take out from the file. Once they choose the pages, they have to click on the split button and it will extract the pages from that document.

Google Drive

Often it happens that the people lose their important files in the system and they don’t have a backup of that file. Here they have to make a struggle and prepare that document again from scratch.

To make this work easy and keep the files secure in the system, one can go for Google Drive and keep the documents here. This will not only help your files secure but also make it easy for the users to access them.

Users just need to enter the log-in detail of the account and open it anywhere they want. This element helps in saving the storage in the device and limits access to the account. Therefore, users must consider this online tool to manage the files and keep them organized.


If you have multiple accounts and you get multiple emails on every account daily. It may create trouble for you in managing the files and keeping them in order. Here comes TryShift which helps you get all the emails in one place.

You may be tired of switching the Gmail accounts. But with the help of this online tool, you can integrate all the accounts on one platform.

You can figure out the particular email directly through the unified search option. You can also add the Google accounts here by creating a folder.


Having a large team can be a blessing as you can increase the workflow and complete the task quickly. But at the same time, you need to keep an eye on the working of employees.

TimeDoctor can be a handy choice here that can track the working of the employees and take the screenshots of their tasks at any time. So, the team lead will not have to check the screen of every employee separately.

He can open the account of a particular worker and check the activity of that employee for the entire day. This will help them make the working easy and manage the tasks of the employees quickly.

Bottom Lines

As a manager or team lead, you always have a responsibility to organize all the files and share them with other workers to get results on time.

For it, you can get help from online management tools and make the processing easy. Here one can share the files easily with other fellows and make them available for anyone who is part of the team.

Moreover, you can also limit the access for the individuals who are part of the office. This feature makes the tools more reliable and secure.

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