Why Is it Recommended toStudy Cisco CCIE?

Graduated in 15 years, engaged in foreign trade industry, and decided to resign and embark on the road of IT after being influenced by high school students in 2017, I studied in SPOTO for 6 months and tookCCIE Exam spoto courses For there was no foundation, it was hard to learn. I didn’t work for half a year. I concentrated on learning technology and entered orders every day. In the meantime, I also did some projects with SPOTO engineers. Later, after getting the certificate, I was recommended to be a network engineer in a security company.

After accumulating some experience, I resigned and went to an integrator in Shanghai with a current salary of USD 3000. The process is very hard, butfortunately, the outcome is good. I’m glad that I made a bold decision at that time. Otherwise, in the situation of this year, I guess I’ve starved to death.

Many people say that CCIE is no longer popular now. What I want to say is that the certificate is only a stepping stone. Technology is the key. Now let me tell you some key points of Cisco CCIE ExamI chose to take at that time.

01What Is CCIE

CCIE, fully known as Cisco Certified Internet Expert, is an expert certification examination launched by Cisco in 1993. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the top certification in the field of global networking.

02Why Learn Cisco CCIE

What are the advantages of Cisco CCIE? Why should we learn Cisco CCIE? I summarize four reasons.

Reason 1: the certificate has high value and high industry recognition

There are two high level certificates in the network industry: Cisco CCIE and HUAWEIHCIE. Compared with HUAWEI HCIE, Cisco CCIE has more value.

Cisco certified network engineers receive higher salaries than non-certified engineers, with a salary gap of 5-9%.

The upgrade of certification level can also help to obtain salary growth. The salary of CCNP engineers is 10% higher than that of CCNA engineers.

Cisco CCIE is divided into two parts: ①CCIE written test ②CCIE lab. The written test is relatively easy and the lab is more difficult. Countless people fail in CCIE lab every year. It is impossible to pass CCIE Labwith the question bank. you can only increase the passing rate by constantly practicing and typing the codes. In this process, your logical thinking and technology have been improved. Certificates are only the threshold, and technology is the key.

Reason 2: there is a large talent gap in the market and the salary is relatively high

Those who can operate the Internet are massive, and those who are proficient in the Internet are rare.

The scope of network workers is relatively large. Most network workers can only do some basic work, such as desktop operation and maintenance, weak current, comprehensive it, etc. The scope of this part is relatively large, but it is wide but not precise. Usually, these personnel do not have professional knowledge, or do not have an in-depth grasp of this knowledge. Therefore, these personnel are not competent in large-scale network cutover, complex network troubleshooting, large-scale group network design and so on.

Enterprises rely more and more on the network, and the complexity and reliability of the enterprise network are also increasing. The demand of enterprises for high-end talents who can control these complex networks also increases. At present, the number of engineers who get CCIE Certification is not very large, so the salary of CCIE will be relatively high.

Reason 3: it is easy to find a good job and realize self-worth

When recruiting high-end network engineers, candidate who has Cisco CCIE Certification is preferred. CCIE can be said to be a benchmark in the industry. Passing CCIE Exam means that engineers have good technical skills. Therefore, many enterprises will give priority to employees with CCIE Certification when recruiting. Therefore, with CCIE Certification, it is naturally easier to find a good job. CCIE is a powerful channel to prove our technical strength and realize self-worth.

Let’s take a look at the recruitment requirements of relevant positions. Many job requirements clearly indicate that it will give priority to CCIE Certification.

Reason 4: high starting point and many opportunities

After obtaining CCIE Certification, ordinary engineers will be valued by enterprises. The enterprise will give you some important projects. While doing projects, it is also a process of gaining experience and improving yourself. The more projects, the faster the experience and technology will be improved. At this time, the company will give you more projects and opportunities, thus forming a virtuous circle. Therefore, engineers who have obtained CCIE Certification will also be given priority employment opportunities, especially for Cisco partners all over the country.

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