what is molle panel

A rigid molle panel allows you to produce redundant storehouse on your politic vest, pack, or any other piece of politic gear that utilizes the molle system of attachment. Rigid molle panels are useful in creating modular storehouses that can be placed nearly anywhere on your gear and are easy to take off if you decide you need a commodity different latterly on. This makes them perfect for first-time druggies and endured preppers likewise! As an added perk, using a rigid molle panel will allow you to separate particulars by their use or purpose, which can make changing what you need that much easier in the heat of the moment.


The word MOLLE stands for Modular snipper snapper cargo-carrying outfit. The Molle system was developed by Palsor and is now possessed by NcStar. TheU.S. service decided that they wanted to produce an easier way of attaching gear, similar to vests, belts, bags, and packs to their uniforms or gear to save weight and space on their formerly full dogfaces so they requested that Natcore come up with a better way of attaching all of these effects onto their livery’s or gear so that it could be easier on them.

What are MOLLE panels?

A modular system of sacks, similar to those generally seen on political vests, packs, assault packs, and other carriers used by military and law enforcement labor force. MOLLE is an acronym for Modular snipper snapper cargo-carrying outfit. The MOLLE system was developed as a bettered means of carrying outfits that addresses some limitations of earlier systems. It’s available in many variants for specific cargo-bearing conditions. The conception was firstly introduced in 1995 and came standard issue for the United States military forces in 2003 with Web Equipment Spring System( WES). A MOLLE vest can hold small outfit particulars like security, flashlights, first aid accouterments, or hydration systems in nylon pockets attached to musketeers webbing on its frontal side.

Different ways to attach them to your BOB)

There are dozens of different ways that you can attach your Molle sacks onto your BOB and it’s hard to say which system is stylish for you. Different situations will bear different attachments, so it’s good to keep that in mind when making your opinions about what types of sacks and how numerous you should put on your bag. For illustration, if you know that there are going to be multiple people using one BOB, I would suggest using larger sacks than if only yourself is going to be using it. Then are some of my suggestions grounded on experience Swatch – These are generally used in confluence with other strips like seatbelt netting or indeed an old brace of pants with belt circles.

Tips on packing your BOB with MOLLE panels

Then are some handy hints on how to pack your bug-out bag. Then are some tips on what gear you should take and how it all fits into your bug-out bag!. When choosing particulars for your BOB, keep in mind that all MOLLE accessories will fit into other MOLLE accessories; so if you don’t have an entire cube of sacks yet( like I do) – don’t worry! The same rule applies when shopping at stores; if it fits one poke, it’ll fit another! If not, suture many hooks onto it and make due!

exemplifications of bug out bags with MOLLE panels attached

Bug-out bags are an illustration of when MOLLE panels can come in handy. A bug-out bag is an exigency preparedness tackle packed with everything you need to survive for at least 72 hours. still, utmost people only prepare for short-term disasters, not long-term ones. However, also chances are you’ll need to pack further inventories and have them in easy-to-access holders If you’re preparing for an exigency that could last longer than three days. Attaching some MOLLE panels to your bag will allow you to do just that, without making it look like there’s a lemon outside. You can fluently attach water bottles and magazine holders filled with particulars like medical accouterments and security sacks so they don’t take up precious space on your factual bag.


still, also you presumably formerly know what Molle is If you’re in military service or planning on going into military service. However, then’s a little background information, If not. Molle is short for Modular snipper snapper cargo-carrying outfit. It’s principally a mileage belt that lets you carry a redundant outfit on your person while moving around or while stationary. This means lower outfit needs to be transported by vehicles and means that dogfaces can be more mobile than with standard loads. It also means that dogfaces are carrying lower weight than they would else have to carry, which could lead to increased performance overall on long marches and tough terrain. There’s no better way of getting an idea of how it works than seeing it for yourself so feel free to try out our rally below. Have fun!

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