20 Bantay For The Future

It is the first anti-human trafficking non-governmental organization in the Philippines. Its mission is to eliminate trafficking from all aspects of life, especially from children. It seeks to do this through education, research, and public policy.

20 Bantay for a Better World (20BFW) is a campaign that invites all Filipinos to donate at least 20 pesos each month in order to help improve the life of others.

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Welcome to my personal blog! I am an information technology professional by profession, but also love reading books and playing chess. This is my personal space where I share my thoughts and ideas. Hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I have reading yours!The main finding of the study was that there was no difference between

Bantay Bata 163

is an organization that supports Philippine child soldiers and victims of human trafficking through education, training, rehabilitation, and reintegration into the community 20 Bantay for ****.

This organization has been in operation ever since and has provided relief to thousands of families living in calamity areas. They also continue to provide relief even after the typhoons have passed.

Our blog is a collection of articles and resources for people looking to improve their Filipino language skills. We have posts on how to learn Tagalog, Filipino vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Our posts on Filipino culture are useful to Filipinos as well as foreigners who want to understand the Philippines better.

Blog about design:


The Designer Chair Blog offers tips and information on designing chairs. Bantay Bata Conducts A Community Outreach for 300 Families in Laguna

The organization’s mission is to reach out to marginalized communities in the Philippines.

 Philippine Dental Association collaborate to promote child oral health

A program of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) has been providing free dental services to low-income families in the Philippines since 1993. Through this project, PDA aims to improve the oral health of children and their parents in the community by promoting early childhood oral hygiene instruction.

This is a good news! The and the Philippine Dental Association are partnering together to promote child oral health in this country.

20 Bantay for ****

This is the official blog of 20 Bantay for **** , a non-profit organization that helps people with different disabilities to enjoy life and pursue their dreams through the power of friendship. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to help other Filipinos get involved in this great cause. We are also available for inquiries and requests for our services.

Bantay for **** is the official website of the Philippine-based national microfinance bank, or as it is commonly known by its initials, PNB. The Bantay for **** was launched in 2009 by PNB, which provides low-interest microcredit services for low-income families through its network of over 4,000 community based organizations (CBOs) nationwide.


The 20 Bantay for **** project aims to encourage all Filipinos to adopt a new habit of doing good in their country. The project focuses on helping those who are poor by giving them gifts and encouraging them to do good deeds.

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