4 of the best shows of all time

Some shows are so brilliantly created that they are just burned into your memory. These shows could be based on fantasy, they could be reality shows or they could even be comedy shows. Many of these shows are recurring and they still air today as well. 

Even if they don’t air on TV, you always have the option to stream these shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+. In order to stream these shows, you need to have a reliable internet connection and for that, we would suggest getting Xfinity internet. However, Xfinity also offers Xfinity TV packages that allow you to keep up with your favorite TV shows and much more with over 125 + channels and video on-demand options with it while you can also avail all the newest shows and movies as they release or air as cable line-up is extensive. So read ahead on some of the best TV shows that you should definitely have on your list of shows to watch. 

Breaking Bad

There’s a reason why Breaking Bad is still considered the best show of all time. Even though the show follows a very dark theme, it is still really captivating to watch. Bryan Cranston has done an amazing job in the show and his dynamic with Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman is also one-of-a-kind. The show has a very different storyline in which a chemistry teacher suddenly gets cancer and his teaching job does not pay him enough to get his treatment. That is when he starts breaking bad and starts cooking meth with an old student of his. Eventually, he gets used to life so much that he turns into a full-time criminal and gets intoxicated with the money. Bryan’s character is named Walter and Walter has one of the best character developments in television history. The show was followed up with spin-offs like Better Call Saul and a movie called El Camino, which tied up all the loose ends of the show. You can stream the show on Netflix as it is one of Netflix’s most-watched shows. 

Marvel’s Daredevil

One of Marvel’s best adaptations of a superhero, this show also came out on Netflix initially but was later shifted to Disney+ since Disney owns the rights to Marvel. In the show, Charlie Cox takes on the role of Matt Murdock, who is a lawyer by day and is a superhero called Daredevil by night. The best part about Daredevil is the fact that he goes blind when he is just a kid as he gets into an accident while saving an old man and some radioactive chemical gets into his eyes which blinds him but also heightens his other senses. The show keeps you hooked with its amazing story and even better characters. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A comedic take on New York’s finest. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy show with Andy Samberg in the lead playing the role of Jake Peralta, who is a detective in the NYPD but he has never figured out how to grow up. One of the best themes of the show is how the police officers and detectives are in this very friendly relationship with one another and how friendship holds a very important place for everyone. The captain of the precinct, Captain Holt played by Andre Braugher has the best character development throughout the series. He starts off with a very serious character but eventually as he blends in, he grows very fond of his squad. There are certain moments in the show that just cause your jaw to drop and some moments that are so emotional that they force the tears out of you. 

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is also one of the best shows on Netflix. It has a horror theme and it revolves around a family that moves into Hill House and most of the show takes place in flashbacks. All ten characters have an episode dedicated to them and the show has an amazing story. There are certain moments in the show that are so eerie that they cause the hair on your arms to curl up. The cast of the show is brilliant and even the children acting in the show have done an amazing job. The show was succeeded by The Haunting of Bly Manor but it wasn’t as good as the first season. The Haunting of Hill House should definitely be on your list of shows to watch. 

In Conclusion

If you are looking to blow off some steam and watch some shows that keep you hooked, then these shows should definitely be considered to watch. Each show is more captivating than the other is and if you plan to watch these in the summer, buckle up because you’re going to have an amazing time!

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