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Quek Leng Chan is a very popular blogger in Malaysia. He writes mostly on technology and gadgets. He started blogging in 2011 and now he is one of the top bloggers in Malaysia.

We have a new Quek Leng Chan blog that focuses on providing the latest news and information about QLCH. We also publish tips and tricks to help you improve your business. You can also find a wide range of products and services, as well as upcoming events at Quek Leng Chan.

Quek Leng Chan is a popular Singaporean blogger who shares his insights about online marketing. He often creates videos and other kinds of content on various topics.

Malaysian Billionaire Quek Leng Chan’s GuocoLand Wins Singapore Suburban Land Auction

Singapore property tycoon Quek Leng Chan has secured the land rights to build his first residential development in the island state after winning a competitive auction of prime suburban land on Wednesday. The billionaire developer paid $13.2 million (S$19.6 million) for 5.3 acres of prime residential land in Singapore’s west…

The most successful

GuocoLand, a subsidiary of Singapore’s largest real estate developer, GIC, has won the right to develop a major new project in the southern suburb of Sembawang.

In a bid to get an edge over rival developers, Malaysian billionaire Quek Leng Chan bought 1,200 square metres of prime land in the eastern area of Singapore for $40 million (RM154.3 million) at a public auction.


Wealth Of Tycoons On 2018 Forbes Malaysia Rich List Soars

Forbes has revealed the list of billionaires in Malaysia in 2018, showing the continued increase in wealth of these people. The latest figures show there are 13 new names on the list this year, with a combined wealth of US$15.2 billion.


Wealth of tycoons in 2018 Forbes Malaysia rich list surged, with at least 22 individuals from various industries making the top 10 list. The most notable gainer was Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who saw his wealth soar by RM5bil to a net worth of RM6.3bil in 2018.

According to Forbes Malaysia’s latest list of the richest Malaysians 2018, Tycoons from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan continue to lead the rich list.

Tycoons On 2017 Forbes Malaysia Rich List Overcame Adversity

After two years of being a rich list underachiever, Forbes listed Malaysian tycoon Datuk Shahrol Halmi as the richest person in Malaysia with an estimated net worth of US$1.2 billion (RM4.38 billion). The 55-year-old tycoon was ranked 8th on the list of the 50 Richest Malaysians 2017. This year he

In 2017, the Forbes Malaysia Rich List overcame adversity and was able to surpass all other previous years. In this blog, we will give you insights about Tycoons on 2017 Forbes Malaysia Rich List.

Tycoon magazine, the first of its kind in the region and one of the most credible magazines in Southeast Asia, has released its annual rich list. This is a list of people who have made it big in Malaysia by becoming successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. There are several notable figures who appear on this list, which is a reflection of the growth and development of Malaysian entrepreneurship and

Quek Leng Chan

Quek Leng Chan is the founder of the Singaporean online retail store that sells furniture products. The website was established in 2002 and provides both local and international customers with a one-stop shop for all their furniture needs.

This is a popular site about all things related to Quek Leng Chan, a small island in the south-east of Penang, Malaysia. If you are interested in the history, culture, food, art, architecture, and lifestyle of this place, then this site is for you.

This is a popular site about all things related to Quek Leng

Quek Leng Chan is a multi award-winning company in the manufacturing of quality furniture such as lounge suites, armchairs, dining tables, and modular wall systems. Our product is very popular for its design and durability.

Tuesday, December 28, 2011

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Malaysian Billionaire Quek Leng Chan’s GuocoLand Wins …

Mr Quek Leng Chan has won the bid to develop the land in Bukit Brown, Kuala Lumpur with an estimated value of RM 1.7 billion. In the bid, he submitted his bid for RM 6.5 billion for a RM 1.3 billion property.

GuocoLand, a luxury developer owned by Malaysian billionaire Quek Leng Chan, has secured the RM1.4 billion (US$350 million) worth of retail outlets in China, including a 60 per cent stake in China’s biggest car retailer, Geely Automobile Holdings.

It’s a big day in Malaysia with the opening of a new landmark shopping mall, The GuocoLand Mall (GuocoLand), a retail centre comprising over 500 stores. The multi-level mall will be the first to boast the world’s largest car park.

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