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ISO HITEC SECURITY SDN BHD was consolidated on June 22, 1998, by a gathering of committed, experienced, and dynamic Bumiputera business visionary in light of the Malaysian Government’s call for a quick foundation of Security Services. The vision is to turn into a pioneer in the said field.

ISO HITEC SECURITY SDN BHD has confidence in the best. To guarantee the smooth running of the activity, we likewise keep a 24-hour observing framework at our HQ in Kuala Lumpur. We are sufficient with Mobile Radio Cars to back up our administrations and crisis reaction and through standard visits and reviews to guarantee to proceed with greatness in activities.

The organization has since become one of the biggest Malaysian security associations with north of 13 branches situated all through the nation and more than 300 workforces successfully serve every one of the necessities of our clients.

We unequivocally accept that our new corporate improvement support in regions connecting with corporate checking and consultancy administrations will be of extraordinary advantage to your regarded association with proficient administrations.

Today, the organization has acquired certainty, notoriety, and acknowledgement by the entirety of its clients because of its quick and greatest administration delivered.


He has begun doing organizations in the 1980s until he genuinely entered this security administration industry that was very challenging of late. Beginning as Operation Manager at Sasa Security Sdn Bhd, he steps forward by setting up his security organization after acquiring a ton of encounters with shift circumstances. ISO HITEC SECURITY SDN BHD existing was since Jun 22, 1998, and he as a Chairman with all his responsibility and excitement attempted to push the organization to a higher level by growing his branches time by time. As of recently, isohitech.com was authorized to work all over Malaysia, and with his encounters, this organization will be a decent contender to this industry and aid the Government to have a serene and congruity country.

Overseeing Director:

She acquires the primary involvement with this industry by joining Star Security Sdn Bhd as an Operation Manager and once as Managing Director at Delta Force Security Services Sdn Bhd for quite some time. As Managing Director she has done everything she possibly can in sharing thoughts and all her skill towards a successful organization the executives in organization and activity.


His immense involvement in overseeing the functional side has seen the organization develop in each province of Malaysia. Under his residency too, the organization had the option to converge into a few qualifications, for example, Bodyguard, Armed Guard, Cash In Transit, and IT Security. While age doesn’t appear to be a hindrance for him, the organization is now ready to keep up with its consistency of advancement. With present-day approaches to the activities division under his administration, the eventual fate of the organization looks splendid.

Organization Vision:

ISO Hitec is notable as a security organization authorized by the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) that should help the public authority to keep up with quietness, congruity environment, and the wellbeing of this nation other than looking for business opportunities and offer a chance to whom that intrigued to engage in this sort of industry.


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