The best way to plan a student party

It is important to plan student parties and how to organize them. The use of online tools is a good approach to adapting to students’ habits. Online ticketing for student parties has been one of our core functions for over ten years, and we retain the best practices of organizers who use our platform. We’ve compiled tips for planning a student party while having a great time.


1. Let’s begin by reviewing the 3 basics

It is impossible to launch a student party without ideas, funding, and venues. If you want to stand out from other student parties and attract enough people to your college dorm room party, you should decide on a theme before you start planning. Your budget should be determined at the same time. You may be profitable, but your party expenses require a certain amount of cash flow. Assuming you forecast a budget so you are financially independent after the first party, you can ask your school or other organizations to donate some money to help you get started. Radio stations might be able to help you too! But what can you do without a place for a student party? Listed below are some tips and criteria for finding a unique venue – bar, club, nightclub, boat, etc.

2. Sales of pre-sale and tickets

Having all the above described elements, you can move on to marketing and ticket sales. Student parties must be pre-sold. A student who buys their tickets in advance gets a discount on the price.

It is easy to set up and schedule early bird tickets with an online ticketing platform. For more information, please refer to our dedicated article. Even the tickets do not need to be printed. In fact, students can download them on their phones and print them only if it is absolutely necessary to do so.

3. Publish a social media post

When you are hosting a school-only student party, you will only need to create a Facebook event link to your Weezevent minisite and post it on your school’s Facebook page for student groups. You can ask acquaintances to post the event to their student groups on Facebook if your event is open to the public. The event may also be posted on Facebook by students in your town.

Through a contest, a few tickets can be given away as a marketing technique. It is essential that everyone participating in the competition likes and/or shares a post about your event in order to get exposure.

Your Instagram account can also be used as a marketing tool. The number of Instagram followers gaining by students is increasing, even to the point where there are thousands of followers. In exchange for free tickets to your party, request they write an article promoting your party and include a link to your event. There is a high probability that your campaign will be profitable if their community follows their recommendations.

4. Gather information on the students

You can use social media to increase event exposure, but you won’t be able to retain your attendees. If you organize a few parties throughout the year, you can collect your attendees’ email addresses and communicate with them again through marketing campaigns if you are using an online ticketing solution. When using a custom registration form, you can even ask for additional information, for example, a photo ID if your party is only for adults.

9. Manage your party’s access

You can scan your tickets in a flash using the WeezAccess app, available on the Play Store and App Store. Any attempt at fraud will be flagged by the app, since all tickets are unique. As a result, all events will be as safe as possible.

Inquire about security services included in the venue’s fee and how many will be on hand at the venue’s entrances and exits.

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