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Updating generally and all over the place! With these words, the organization Westernpips Group reports the beginning of deals with the new age programming item Westernpips Private 7. This is an exceptional, select, and confidential program made for you dear clients and in numerous ways, it was made by you, since your solicitations and offers are our steady boost to new skylines and new advances for procuring at this very moment! Everything necessary for genuine exchange exchanging, a bunch of indispensable methodologies, and all conceivable association strategies are now accessible in one program! Presently you are not simply dealers – with the innovation of direct exchanging admittance to the Meta Trader servers you are an imperceptible merchant and your exchanging style will stay a secret to the intermediary! Already, this innovation was accessible just to programmers and with each new form of the terminal, it was important to recode every one of the calculations. Our group has fostered another technique for exchanging bypassing the Meta Trader terminal.

Through the TCP convention, orders are sent straightforwardly from our program to the representative’s server and seem to be physically opened exchanges. Furthermore, that isn’t all! Because of the absence of correspondence with the Meta Trader terminal and the dismissal of the utilization of counsels, the speed of request execution has been worked on by 30-half and these are colossal numbers for idleness exchange. For many merchants, a speed-up request execution prompted a total absence of slippage or a diminishing in it. So what are the fundamental benefits of the new age programming: – Ultrafast Trade without the Meta Trader Terminal utilizing direct access innovation through TCP convention; – Multi-terminal with limitless opportunities for association choices quick/slow intermediary. – Reducing the heap on the VPS and the capacity to exchange countless records at the same time without sending off the Meta Trader terminals. 2

Three new 2 LEG calculations for veiling and clandestine exchange between various records/agents. – All arrangements seem to be opened in manual mode Bypassing modules because of another exchanging procedure with the utilization of close exchange section methodology when we don’t open an arrangement when a sign shows up, yet close the arrangement by a sign. – The speed of opening arrangements utilizing the innovation is 15-70 ms quicker! – The timestamp in nanoseconds! – Ability to associate quick statements through ITCH convention – the quickest strategy for acquiring information. – Powerful analyzer tick statements.

And considerably more will be carried out soon. This is a program for proficient HFT brokers and the people who as of now utilize different results of our organization. If you are as yet a novice, you ought, to begin with, additional straightforward and modest forms of our items. Presently you comprehend that this isn’t simply an Expert Advisor – this is an unlocked multi-terminal for exchanging, procuring, and the epitome of your thoughts! Representatives have less and less opportunity to distinguish exchange, and presently you have a significant additional opportunity to procuring.


CLIENT IDENTIFICATION: HOW TO OBTAIN A LICENSE To get to the program you will require a login and secret word. In the first place, you want to introduce the program on your VPS or PC. The login structure will begin, where you want to initially enter your email in the Client Login field and send a permit enlistment demand by tapping on the “SEND APPLICATION” button, and on further send-offs essentially press the “LOGIN TO WESTERNPIPS PRIVATE” button;

When our executive endorses your solicitation, you will want to sign into the program with your new login. Permit enlistment demands are handled from 1-3 days. You can likewise contact our client care and accelerate the permit initiation process. Skype: group.western pop. On the off chance that you see some other blunder message on the screen, reach us to fix the issue. Step-by-step instructions to change your login if you failed to remember it or changed IP or VPS server A permit is made for a particular VPS or PC with an IP address restricting, and you can’t utilize the equivalent username from another area. Most importantly, send a solicitation to email with a solicitation to erase your old login. When the overseer deactivates your old permit, you should send a solicitation to enlist another permit. Solicitations to erase and enlist a permit are handled from 1-3 days. You can likewise contact our client service and accelerate the most common way of eliminating and initiating a permit. Substitution of licenses is free in line with the client.

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