Is English the hardest language to learn? What Makes It Difficult?

English is an international language. If you want to cope in this progressive world, then learning, knowing and using English is a must. Learning any language is a little bit tough, but if you try anything with full dedication, then nothing is impossible. People say learning English is tough just because you need to learn some rules, such as grammar, punctuation, and exceptions mainly. Sometimes, pronunciation becomes difficult. We now know what makes learning English difficult. And once you understand all of the reasons, you will undoubtedly be able to overcome all of the difficulties, and English will become easier for you.

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Reasons that Make English Hard to Learn:

Some Things Don’t Make Sense (Rules, Pronunciations):

To learn and speak English fluently, you first need to learn some rules and pronunciations. Pronunciations make speaking clear. By using them, it becomes easier to know the emotions of any sentence. And grammatical usage sometimes becomes hectic and boring. There are several rules and regulations in English. You will need all of them if you want to have a perfect English accent. 

There are Numerous Exceptions to the Rule:

People somehow manage to learn many rules, but exceptions make it harder. Every grammatical chapter has more than one exception, and exceptions are always important for learning. Applying these while you are speaking becomes more challenging.

It Contains Numerous Idioms:

English has many idioms that look like something but their meaning turns into something else. Some of the idioms are: bite the bullet (to get something over with because it is inevitable), break a leg (good luck), call it a day (stop working on something), cut somebody some slack (don’t be so critical), etc. Knowing many idioms becomes harder.

Order of the Words:

The basic order of the words is that the subject comes before the verb, which comes before the object. The name implies word order and somehow words are arranged in a sentence. While learning English, these all seem difficult, but some time later, all of these will be normal for you, and then you can use them as you use every single rule now while speaking any language.


When you are new to learning something, maybe you face problems with pronunciation at first. To get rid of this problem, you need to practice more and more. You should not feel shy while speaking. Everyone has heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”Making mistakes is okay, but never stop trying. The more you speak, the more fluent and understandable your pronunciation will become.

Different Dialects:

Some types of dialects are: regional dialect, accent, sociolect, ethic dialect, etc. Dialects are mainly called linguistic varieties that may differ in pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and many other factors that can be identified based on these factors. When you are learning a new language, and if it is English, then knowing a variety of dialects is important. You can practice every day. Choose one part and work on it. 

The Formality Level is not Clear:

To learn any new thing, we need to understand the basics of it first. When you are learning English and taking this as a hard language, then it is necessary that your formality level is not clear. Make that clear at first, and only then will you realize that English is not a difficult language.

Synonyms Might not be Interchangeable:

For our daily life conversations, we use a huge number of synonyms. You may be learning synonyms, but they are useless to you because they are not interchangeable.Whenever you are learning this, you are learning everything right. 


Now you all know what makes English hard and why people have difficulties while learning this language. If you want to be a perfect speaker or want to be very fluent in English, then apply these things while learning, and here at Amazing Talker, we are always ready to help you. They teach several different foreign languages. Their tutors are extraordinary, skilled and well trained. You can get your preferred range of courses and, by chance, if you do not like your tutor, you can change him or her and get a new tutor with no extra money. They have quality classes that make their features different from others. Start your journey with Amazing Talker and take help from these markings. Then surely very soon you will see the progress of yours. Amazing Talker’s tutor is also with you always.

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