All About The Future Of The Hundred

Cricket is broadcast on terrestrial television, and people watch Cricket. But was it worth it, considering that the ECB could have used a framework they devised 20 years ago?

As a format, The Hundred will not catch on internationally. The IPL will not transition to a 100-ball format. Neither will the Big Bash or the CPL. The ICC will not create an international 100-ball tournament. So, what is the purpose?

Then Hundred focused on creating a stir. And it has somewhat accomplished this. Eventually, it will likely be updated into a T20 event. Overs and umpire’s calls have been reinstated. 

Perhaps the ECB will realise that Cricket is an enjoyable sport. It will never be as popular as football there. 

Even in the most popular sports, financial catastrophe looms for the world’s wealthiest athletic organisations following excessive spending. More money does not necessarily equate to more achievement.

Many people are in the awkward position of believing that The Hundred must fail to reset English Cricket. Cricket exists to amuse, not to generate revenue. 

It exists for every county and cricket club in the country that invites its players and members into the loving arms of shared love, not to pay Tom Harrison.

The Hundred has rather unnecessarily threatened this. People were unable to watch Cricket; therefore, they did not. It had nothing to do with the sport itself but everything to do with its administrators. 

A Hundred passages demonstrate why Cricket is a fantastic sport. People enjoy Cricket, as seen by the popularity of The Hundred. All of this could have been accomplished much more peacefully and, dare I say it, cost-effectively. 

Without a place on the international schedule and the format gaining traction elsewhere, the hundred-ball form will become an odd footnote in the sport’s rich history, similar to aluminium bats and underarm bowlers. 

Haters will not always rule Cricket in England; they, too, will become irrelevant relics of the past. Because of its many fans, Cricket will continue to evolve and thrive despite the efforts of its haters. If you want to premium buy Cricket kit, ANGLAR is the best spot for you!

English Cricket’s Future Up For Grabs As The Hundred Launches

With the start of The Hundred, a new 100 balls per side format,  English cricket takes a step into the unknown. First-class games, which comprise five-day Tests, 50-over-per-side one-dayers, and Twenty20 matches, have already been established as professional formats at both the domestic and international levels. 

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is persuaded that a shorter format is required to draw a new, younger, and more ethnically diverse audience to Cricket. This is although Twenty20 was the first professional sport developed in England.


The Hundred introduces new cricketing terminology. The ECB has eliminated phrases such as “overs” to distinguish itself. They are too complicated for the ordinary people that the ECB aims to attract. Instead, we have “sets” of five balls. Four and eight-ball overs have occurred in the past; the six-ball over is not a fundamental principle of the sport. You must also indulge yourself and your children in Cricket and can get Cricket equipment online to start practising.

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