Ellipsis Drive Announces Seed Funding Round

Ellipsis Drive is a plug-and-play spatial data management service. It turns uploaded files into web services and beautiful live maps in under 10 minutes. It also offers a 3D mode for web viewers. Its mission is to help collaborators safely activate, manage, and share spatial content.

ellipsis-drive is a free, unlimited data usage and content sharing service

Ellipsis Drive is a free service that allows you to store and share spatial data. The service enables you to turn large spatial files into beautiful, live maps. It also makes your data available to multiple stakeholders and offers all of the features you would expect from a drive.

Using Ellipsis Drive is free, and it does not have any restrictions on what you can share. You can share as many files as you want, and you can always adjust the storage size as your data grows. There are three different storage plans available, so you can choose which one suits your needs best.

It converts uploaded files into beautiful live maps and web services

ellipsis-drive.com is a spatial data storage and sharing service that transforms uploaded files into beautiful live maps and web-based services. It has a simple subscription model that charges a fixed monthly fee based on the amount of data stored in the Drive. The service includes industry-leading data performance and allows you to upload as much data as you need, as much as you need. You can also share your content with others without restrictions.

Ellipsis Drive is a cloud-based service for spatial data, and it is compatible with all popular data endpoints and protocols. Its powerful workflows, real-time collaboration, and ease of use make it a great choice for spatial data sharing. The service is also available to commercial organizations and individuals who need to share spatial data with others.

It allows collaborators to safely activate, manage, and share spatial content via the web in under 10 minutes

Ellipsis Drive is an easy-to-use service that allows collaborators to safely activate, manage, share, and store spatial content over the web. Users pay a monthly subscription fee based on the amount of data they want to store. They can also upload and share data without any licensing limitations. Ellipsis Drive is an easy-to-use and secure service that supports unlimited data storage, content sharing, and safe, tailored access for anyone, anytime.

This new service is available in the US and will be available in other regions over the next few months. It enables the integration of short video bites into Teams Chat and includes features such as annotations, basic editing, and live filters. Users can also tag people in videos, add comments, and share them with collaborators.

It has raised seed funding

Software company Ellipsis Drive, which offers spatial data analytics tools, has raised seed funding from a group of investors. The round was led by Promus Ventures and included participation from Techstars and Orbital Ventures. TechStars Dr. Jonathan Fenske is one of the investors.

The seed funding will help Ellipsis Drive grow its operations. The company’s product makes it easy to share spatial content and collaborate with others online. Using the web-based tool, experts can share spatial content, collaborate with partners, and make changes to projects. The company aims to make spatial data management easy and profitable.

The company’s technology helps organizations share spatial data and collaborate with collaborators on projects, and allows team members to use any browser to access and edit projects. The team aims to make its platform as interoperable and powerful as Google Drive. It is also aiming to get rid of archaic license-based business models.

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