How Does a CAC Work?

A CAC can be a great security tool for your organization. It offers a variety of security features to protect your users. A CAC can also be used as a secure login method. You can read about the different security measures that CACs can offer and learn more about the costs associated with implementing a CAC for your organization.

Requirements for a CAC

Obtaining a CAC is a complex process that requires an extensive background investigation. If an individual has not been a resident of the United States for at least three years, their background investigation could be delayed. Alternatively, the Component may issue a different facility access credential for the individual.

The requirements for a CAC.Works programs are different for each program. To apply for certification, the applicant must have completed the prerequisite courses. For example, students who have obtained a clinical behavioral health degree will need to complete the prerequisite courses for the CAC III certification. They must submit the results of the CAC III to DORA.

An individual must not be a threat to the Government or an avenue for terrorist activity. Individuals requiring a CAC must meet OPM credentialing standards. Interim credentialing decisions are based on these standards, while subsequent decisions will be based on an investigation conducted by the Independent Standards Processing Authority (ISP).

Security measures offered by a CAC

A CAC is a service that offers several security measures to protect sensitive data. The security measures provided by a CAC include the use of a certificate authority, strong encryption, and the use of a specific protocol. Moreover, the security measures offered by a CAC are designed to be flexible and meet several needs. For example, a CAC may offer VPN services that use a 2048-bit key length and the SHA2 hashing algorithm. It may also provide Two-factor authentication to protect the credentials and AES-256 encryption of tunnel traffic. A CAC also manages dedicated firewalls, and a next-generation backup system, and performs vulnerability assessments.

A CAC’s statutory authority is broad, but its direct rulemaking authority is limited. The 2016 Cybersecurity Law codified the CAC’s authority to coordinate with the state’s information and technology departments. This authority included the coordination of critical network equipment standards, certifications, security reviews, and outbound transfer of important data. The 2021 Data Security Law gives the CAC the authority to coordinate with various state agencies on online data security and the privacy of sensitive data.

Methods for logging in with a CAC

The Common Access Card (CAC) is a standard form of identification for uniformed service personnel, Selected Reserve, and DoD civilian employees, including eligible contractors. It provides physical access to controlled spaces and computer networks. It also serves as a method of logging in to computers that are equipped with a smart card reader. The user enters a PIN and CAC credentials to log in to the network.

The CAC smart card supports two-factor authentication. The card stores the CAC owner’s private key and public certificate. This certificate key pair proves that the owner of the CAC is the one logged on. The CAC also enables the service manager to leverage built-in SSL user authentication capabilities.

The LoadMaster WUI allows users to log in using a CAC through the Web User Interface (WUI) and the ESP. However, before enabling CAC authentication, the CAC infrastructure must be properly configured and enabled. If not, CAC users will be unable to access the LoadMaster WUI.

Cost of implementing a CAC

Using a CAC to code patient records will increase individual coder productivity, but it will increase the overall cost of the process, as the human coders will still need to validate the codes. If your chart volume increases, you’ll need to hire additional human coders to handle the increased work. The other option is to implement an autonomous coding solution, which does not require human validation. Some solutions are capable of processing hundreds of medical charts per hour. These solutions can also increase compute power to handle the increased volume. A leading autonomous coding solution is Nym’s, which uses clinical language understanding technology to assign diagnostic and charge codes to patient charts in a matter of seconds.

However, many different factors go into calculating a CAC. First, you need to determine the true cost of acquiring new customers. This will include sales staff salaries, marketing equipment, and digital tools. Other costs are related to advertising, including telemarketing, direct mail, and catalogs. Another important variable to consider is the customer lifetime value (CLV) – the profit you’ll make over the lifetime of the customer.


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