How and Where Can You Play Absurdity? Answered

Wordle has ushered in a new era of word games, with users eager for more content, particularly those who have completed the daily puzzle and everything in the archive. Fans are exploring new variations similar to the hit game, such as Knotwords and the latest addition, Absurdity, because the hit game limits players to one-word puzzle per day. Here’s how and where to play Absurdle for a more detailed explanation.

How and Where Can You Play Absurdity? Answered

Absurdle may be the right fit for those looking for an infinite number of puzzles to solve and a more advanced experience. This game is known as the “adversarial variant” of Wordle because it extends the experience by changing the secret word with each guess, rather than having a predetermined word at the start.

Absurdle is currently only available on its website here, a platform created by the writer and software developer qntm. The gameplay is similar to Wordle, but with the addition of a completely randomised system with each puzzle, as opposed to Wordle’s pre-set secret word and optional use of guides for the daily games. Because Absurdle doesn’t provide many hints, players can guess as many times as they want using a “random guess” button that appears when they are stumped on a word.


Unlike Wordle, which limits you to six guesses, Absurdle allows you to guess as many times as you want. Keep the randomizer in mind as the system changes the secret word with the letters you have left as you progress.

Because there are so many different letter combinations and words with no hints, the temptation to give up or start over may arise. Aside from the word randomizer, there is also a “give up” button if you become frustrated and want the answer revealed. Furthermore, because this isn’t a daily puzzle game, you can completely restart the game by refreshing the browser.

Absurdle has three modes for players who want to add a challenge to an already difficult game. These modes are Hard, Challenge, and Timed. Each of these gameplays is reserved for advanced players, as is the option to expand the word list for obscure words such as “AAHED” and “XYLYL.”

Now that you know how and where to play Absurdle, give it a shot and see if you can figure out the secret word. Fans of Wordle can add to their collection of word puzzle games, and those who continue to play the game can find related links and the most recent Wordle guides on Twinfinite.

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