Promotional Value Of Digital Magazines

Do you have any doubts about making the switch to digital? Digitalisation is happening whether you like it or not. It’s hard to conceive of life now without some constant online access. People’s reliance on mobile devices is universal, spanning the medical, travel, leisure, and professional spheres. The publishing business is much like any other. There has been a recent uptick in the number of newspapers only focusing on digital editions or expanding their digital content offerings to do business. Here are some numbers that illustrate the trajectory of the digital economy in the case of magazine subscriptions. According to Global Digital 2019, the number of mobile users worldwide increased by 100 million during 2018.

Mequoda found that as much as 60% of magazine readers in the United States prefer digital versions. The data above shows that readers are increasingly captivated by digital publications on their mobile devices. Most of your free time is now spent online, which is the single most essential reason digital publications are so popular. The reading habits are not time-bound, and you make heavy use of internet resources around the clock. Saved content can be easily shared, communities can be easily formed, and online discussions can be had with the help of digital publishers. Here are some advantages of digital magazines to help you make up your mind:

Simple, Instantaneous Availability

Digital magazine subscriptions and purchases are more convenient than ever. Digital editions allow readers to choose their preferred format and purchase it immediately without leaving the house. It’s convenient since it can be viewed and read anytime, no matter where you happen to be. Instead of lugging around a library’s worth of books, all the knowledge you could ever need is at your fingertips right now.

Easy To Transport And Use

Digital versions of magazines may be taken anywhere and read whenever it’s most convenient for the reader. Instead of lugging along a stack of individual print editions, readers of digital periodicals need to carry one device.

International Appeal

If a digital magazine is released, it will be accessible worldwide. The author’s narrative and ideas may be read by people all around the globe. It means that physical distances can no longer be an obstacle. The readership of digital publications may become even more significant as people forward articles to their social networks.

Activation Of The Fifth Dimension

Digital magazines provide a superior reading experience to printed counterparts because of their interactivity. You can include exciting 360-degree views, weblinks, pop-ups, and other interactive components to capture viewers’ attention and captivating photos, music, and video. Authors may encourage two-way dialogue with their audience by using push notifications and feedback forms.

Conveniently Low-Priced

It is much cheaper to produce and distribute digital magazines than printed ones. Costs associated with printing, binding, and shipping are included. And there are zero losses from unsold copies.


When writers employ digital analytics services, they may learn more about how readers use their content. It is simple to see who is visiting your pages, reading your material, and interacting with it in various ways (clicking, reading, liking, hating, and sharing). Unfortunately, print periodicals can’t collect such detailed information about their readers’ behaviour. Authors may benefit significantly from the in-depth data gleaned from digital analytics services.

Environmentally-Friendly Practices

Even after years of use, a digital publication retains its original format and content because of its limitless lifespan. However, as time passes, so does the quality of publications in print. There’s also a risk that the print becomes lighter, the paper quality drops, or anything along those lines.


In conclusion, online magazine subscriptions provide a radical departure from conventional publishing practices. They provide excellent value for the money by being cutting-edge in all aspects (from interactivity to convenience) and are reliably current. Most magazine publishers have transitioned to digital to keep up with the competition. The question then becomes, “Why wait?” Make plans to publish a digital magazine successfully, and you’ll significantly increase your chances of success.

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