How to Apply for the Portugal Golden Visa? Step-by-Step Process

Although several nations provide residency in return for investments, the Portugal Golden Visa is among the most attractive and expeditious. Permanent residence is granted to non-EU citizens who make a significant investment (such as purchasing a property, investing money, or launching a business) in Portugal under the “Golden Visa” program .

The Golden Visa is one of the shortest routes to long-term residence and EU citizenship since it allows you to become a Portuguese citizen in as little as five years.

Non-EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens may apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa. A qualified investment must be made to help the Portuguese economy, and the candidates must be at least eighteen years old and free of any prior criminal convictions, whether they occurred in Portugal or overseas.

The first step is to choose an investment, and various investments have distinct demands that have been briefly outlined below.

Before applying for Portugal Golden Visa, you have to provide these documents:

  • Legal passport (should have validity more than 6 months minimum)
  • You should possess a lawful Portugal entrance certificate or a valid Schengen Visa.
  • Proof of residencies, such as a recent energy bill or bank statement stating your address
  • Original, signed, dated job certificate to open a Portuguese bank account.
  • Country’s tax number: Certified copy with translation.
  • Recent criminal record certificate from the place of origin or residency (no older than three months)
  • Tax and social security records of your country
  • Portugal Golden Visa payment receipt

Golden-Visa application process:

Sign a reservation agreement and choose an investment.

Portugal’s dynamic economy and startup ecosystem make it a great place for businesses wishing to develop in the EU. These investment options are available:

Property investing:

Buying property may grant you a Golden Visa. The Portugal Golden Visa requires at least 280,000-euro real estate investment.

Investment fund:

Minimum 500,000 EUR investments in a Portuguese investment fund.

Funds transfer:

This is the priciest way to get a Portugal Golden Visa. You must send €1.5 million to Portugal.

Create jobs:

There are two key investments in this category:

First, establish 10 full-time positions in a Portuguese firm you control.

The second option requires investing at least 500,000 EUR in a Portuguese firm and creating five full-time employees within three years.


Donations also qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa. You may spend 250,000 EUR on Portugal’s national heritage or 500,000 EUR on R&D.

Bringing the investment to a close

Finish making the investment now that you’ve decided the form of investment to make. Due to the fact that the Portugal Golden Visa mandates that the investment payment be made via a Portuguese bank account, it is necessary for you to open a bank account as part of this process.

Work with a legal office to create a bank account, get a National Identification Number (NIF), and gather all necessary paperwork.

Usually, this step has to be done in person. Before obtaining the NIF, establishing a bank account, and creating the power of attorney, you must collect all the required papers for your pre-application, some of which, such as your passport, an employment letter, and your proof of address, are prerequisites.

Submit the preliminary application.

Your application to (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service) SEF will be submitted online on your behalf after you have made the requisite investment and acquired all of the appropriate documents. This will be done by your attorney.

Appointment to SEF

SEF will provide you with a list of days and hours that work for your biometrics session after reviewing your pre-application. You must physically visit the SEF offices in order to submit your application, have your fingerprints taken, and get your application approval.

Get your golden visa

It is possible that it may take you anywhere from three to six months to acquire your residence permit card after you have submitted your application. The original period of validity for the card is one year, however, it may be renewed for up to four more years.

Final words:

You are allowed to live and work freely in Portugal as long as you have your Portuguese residency permit card. Additionally, you are entitled to the same privileges as all other Portuguese citizens and residents.

After five years in Portugal, you will be eligible to submit an application for permanent residence or citizenship in the country. The procedure might take anything from three months to a year to complete.


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