Amrapali Court Receiver Has Been Appointed For Project

We’ve been hearing a lot about the amrapali court receiver scam. Now, I’m here to tell you more about this scam and how you can spot it.

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Supreme Court Tells Amrapali Groups To First Give Buyers Their Homes

Supreme Court has told real estate developer Amrapali to first give buyers their homes as it is not a buyer’s market. This is a major setback to Amrapali Group which has been facing a legal tussle in the court regarding delay in construction of homes by its builders.

A Bench of Justices Arun Mishra and R K Gauba today said it would not be prudent to keep the fate of defaulters in abeyance and told the court-appointed receiver and liquidator of Amrapali Group to first start selling off their properties, if there are any available buyers.

In case you didn’t know already, the Supreme Court has finally given its verdict in the case of Amrapali builders vs The Home Owners. Now we are waiting to see how the builder will respond to this judgement. In today’s blog we have taken a look at what this verdict means for the homebuyers who have faced harassment from the builders.

Supreme Court Slams Amrapali Buyers Over Dues

Amrapali, India’s biggest real estate developer, has been ordered by the country’s top court to pay more than 2 billion rupees (US$32.6 million) to buyers who bought homes from it in a fraudulent land scam.

The Supreme Court of India has slapped a heavy fine on former developers of the stalled housing project in Mumbai, Amrapali, after it was found that they had taken money to sign off projects on their books when they were insolvent.

On this blog, we write about the Supreme Court’s ruling against the buyers of a residential project in Gurgaon.

Amrapali Project Guide Material

We’re also happy to share the latest news about Amrapali, which includes the launch of the project guide material, plus updates on other areas of the company’s development.

Amrapali has recently released their guide material to build their properties in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The material has been designed keeping in mind the guidelines set by the Central Government and also the requirements of the builders.

Our Amrapali project guides are a great source of information to help you complete your Amrapali project, whether it’s your first or 20th. Here, you’ll learn the importance of following the rules and regulations before submitting your project, plus how to get the best value out of your project materials.

In this blog, we are publishing the project guides of Amrapali Project. In these projects, we have given the detail information about what you need to know before starting these projects.

On our popular Amrapali project guide material blog, you can find articles on project guides, project material, plus posts on real estate, construction, and interior design.

Amrapali Project Guide Material

Amrapali Project Guide Material




A web-based project management software that helps you manage

Amrapali homebuyers to get 11,000 flats soon

An official letter has been issued by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MOHUA) to all owners of Amrapali Group’s residential units, asking them to pay up their dues or face legal action. The deadline for payment is 31 December 2016.

Amrapali has said it has enough money to complete the project. The company had been struggling to meet the deadline but now it seems that it will be able to do so soon. There have been some issues in building the apartments due to a delay in getting permissions from the government. However, the developers have made it clear that they will be able to complete the project by

Amrapali Group, one of India’s largest real estate companies with the market value of $10 billion, plans to deliver homes to 11,000 buyers in just over a year.

As many as 11,000 flats under the Amrapali project would be ready for possession soon in Hyderabad and other parts of the state.

Amrapali, which got listed in the Stock Exchange last year, is planning to give away flats worth Rs 11,000 each. These are available to people who have been waiting for some time to get flats from them. This means that around 2.5 lakh families will get flats soon.


Conclusion Amrapali Court Receiver is a legal firm based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. They are licensed under the Companies Act 1956 and are experts in drafting contracts, and handling arbitration & litigation.

The conclusion amrapali court receiver is a blog about the amrapali scam. This blog will be updated with new news as it comes out from time to time.

Amrapali Court Receiver Pvt. Ltd. was a company that raised money from investors in order to complete the construction of an apartment building called Amrapali New Town. However, the apartment was never completed, and many of the investors lost money and are now suing the company for their losses.

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