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JDFROMNY.COM has been helping companies and individuals with their website design and development needs since 2010.

Our company is located in Brooklyn, New York

JDFromNY is the author of this WordPress Blog Theme “jdfromny206” which is based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Framework. The theme is designed for various types of WordPress Blogs such as personal blogs, online magazines, and portfolios.

The JDfromNY206 team is a group of WordPress developers who provide affordable development services in the New York City area. The team’s mission is to provide top-notch web solutions to our clients at reasonable prices.

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Our blogs cover topics like WordPress, web design, photography, blogging, website usability, seo, etc.

We are a professional company specialized in selling top quality furniture, we are looking for an experienced person to work with us.

– Responsible for managing all sales orders, inventory management, marketing and sales communications.

– Manage the office operations including book

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Off The Script w/JDfromNY

Off the Script with JDfromNY (JD) is a podcast dedicated to providing a candid, humorous look at the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a digital marketing professional. This show will cover topics like business growth, lead generation, website marketing, and more.

Off The Script is a show with JD from New York. Each week we talk about all things comedy and stand up.

On our popular podcast blog, we feature the latest episodes of our popular Off The Script with JDfromNY podcast. We also post new episodes daily, so you can stay up to date on all the latest news in the world of comedy.

Our popular podcast features guests from all walks of life who share their stories about their journey with the world. From stand-up comedians to authors, entrepreneurs to politicians, we have all sorts of stories to tell.

Wrestling Media Personality

Wrestling Media Personality is the best wrestling site on the web. We feature over 50 of the top WWE superstars, from every era in WWE history.

Wrestling Media Personality is a new blog that allows wrestling fans to have their own personal blog.

The WWE Network has revolutionized the way we watch professional wrestling. We take a look at the WWE Network and what it means to the future of professional wrestling.

Our wrestling media personality blog is packed with a variety of fun wrestling related topics. Topics include: news, interviews, photos, videos, WWE, NXT, and much more!

WWE Superstars Call Out

Here you’ll find the latest news from the WWE, as well as updates on our favorite superstars. We cover RAW, Smackdown Live, NXT, NXT Takeover events, the annual WrestleMania event web content marketing services, and much more.

In this blog, we write all kinds of articles. In this blog, you can read the call out of WWE wrestlers. You can know who are the top 5 wrestlers.

This is a section of our blog dedicated to the WWE Superstars’ latest feuds and matches, as well as recaps and results.


Our blog is about providing the latest news from JDFORNY206, such as our new website design, services, and our new products. This blog provides information about the JDFORNY206 brand and company.

JDFROMNY.COM has been helping companies and individuals with their website design, web content marketing services, and development needs since 2010.


Search Engine Optimization


SEO or search engine optimization is the art and science

Our conclusions section includes interesting posts on topics like what’s new in WordPress, SEO and website design tips

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