Rooftop Stepover Platforms

Whether you need to carry out routine maintenance work on your roof or need a safe platform for workers to use, Rooftop Stepover Platforms offer a simple and effective solution. Made of tube and fittings with specially designed treads and slip-resistant surfaces, these platforms are quick and easy to install. They are available in many different designs and can be tailored to the specific needs of your site.

Safe Access Platforms

To perform regular roof maintenance without risking injury, it is imperative to have access to a roof stepover platform. Whether it’s a roof of a home or a commercial building, obstructions on the roof can be a significant safety risk to workers. Fortunately, bespoke and off-the-shelf Step-Over platforms are available to help overcome this problem. Made of sturdy tubes and fittings, these platforms have specially designed treads and a slip-resistant surface. They are ideally suited to the site requirements and can be easily customized.

Kee Walk Stepover platforms offer a safe route over obstructions on rooftops. These platforms are suitable for a range of roof types, from metallic to composite. They also provide the safety of a bridge over trip hazards and can be used on varying roof levels. This makes them suitable for a wide range of environments, including warehouses, factories, and more.


Rooftop stepover platforms with crossovers are an excellent safety equipment option for a variety of applications. These structures are modular and can be easily assembled and disassembled at the job site. They can be used by both construction workers and maintenance personnel to access rooftops and avoid stumbling or falling.

The modular design allows for easy reconfiguration to accommodate varying heights. With just two installers, the crossovers can be resized to suit changing needs without compromising safety. The cross-overs are adjustable and come with a 65-degree angle for safe access. The crossovers can also be extended by adding extra support arms to prevent the structure from becoming unstable when in use.

Mini Step Over Platforms

A Step-Over platform is an ideal solution for accessing roofs safely. It is fully adjustable and suitable for a wide range of heights, including flat and high roofs. It is also suitable for a range of industrial environments, including warehousing, and internal use.

Kee Safety’s range of modular stepover platforms is designed to suit different types of roofs, including asphalt and membrane. They are available as a pre-assembled units or bespoke, which means they can be custom-built to suit the roof and the level of the obstacles. Kee Safety can also create bespoke solutions for businesses to meet their requirements.

The Kee Walk Step Over System provides an anti-slip walking surface with demarcation routes to protect the membrane and is available in different sizes and configurations to suit a variety of roofs. It uses Kee Klamp fittings and malleable cast iron and has passed EN 516: 2006, which defines prefabricated accessories for roof access.

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions for rooftop stepover platforms can be custom-designed to meet specific site requirements. They provide safe access to plant equipment and pipework and can be adapted to accommodate changes in rooftop levels. Bespoke stepover platforms are manufactured from durable, cost-effective materials and can accommodate any height or width of the rooftop.

Bespoke rooftop stepover platforms are available from several suppliers. Kee Systems, for example, is a premium provider of Kee Walk step-over platforms, which provide a safe route over any obstacles that may pose a hazard. These platforms are suitable for a wide range of environments, including factories and warehouses. They can also be custom-designed and manufactured to meet any site-specific requirements.


When you’re looking to access your roof and perform regular maintenance, you need a stepover platform that can give you safe access. Working on a roof without a platform can be dangerous for workers and can be very risky. Rooftop stepover platforms can be bespoke or off-the-shelf and are made from sturdy, durable tubes and fittings. They also feature a slip-resistant surface and can be customized to meet your site’s requirements.

Rooftop stepover platforms offer a safe access platform that can be installed quickly and easily. They also offer a variety of safety features that make them ideal for any industrial environment. These modular access platforms can even be permanently installed on the roof of a building.

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