All About The Suter Trust

The Suter Trust is not owned by the Council and it is a charitable trust, not a business. However, the Council appoints more than 50% of its board members. This gives it the power to create a wide range of charitable and educational programs that benefit the community. In addition, it can help safeguard your assets against fires and floods.

Asset protection

An asset protection trust may be the best way to protect your assets. An asset protection trust protects your assets from potential future creditors. But it is important to know that an asset protection trust is not a quick fix. It takes time and money to set up and administer, and there are ongoing trustee fees to consider.

An asset protection trust is a legal document that shields your assets from creditors and lawsuits. It can be domestic or foreign. Domestic asset protection trusts are usually set up in a state that has asset protection laws. They can be used for Medicaid planning and for special needs beneficiaries. An asset protection trust can also make qualifying for government benefits easier.


The Suter Treuhand Charitable has been funding charitable causes for over 13 years. Its primary focus is on helping alleviate the suffering of people around the world. Founded by Brian Souter, the charitable trust has given out over PS98 million in grants. It is a non-profit organization that is controlled by the council. Its grants support charities with a Christian message.

Using a charitable remainder trust (CRT) to donate appreciated assets is an easy and effective way to preserve the value of those assets. When you donate appreciated property to a CRT, you’ll avoid capital gains taxes and be able to deduct the full fair market value. This type of trust also offers a partial income tax deduction. The deduction depends on the percentage of the remainder that goes to the charitable beneficiary.

The Suter Trust has created a new endowment for educational and environmental causes. The trust was established in 2008 by John Suter and his wife, Kathryn. As a retired executive, John had become involved in volunteer work, including the Executive Service Corps. He continued to support public education and served on numerous boards, including the Association of Washington State Principals and MESA Washington. He also initiated a program called Seattle Pre-K. The bequest is the culmination of many years of volunteer work and dedication to public education.

Fire protection

The Fire Protection Education Trust will help build the industry’s skill base by supporting ongoing training and development for fire protection workers. This will improve the skill level of recruits and support the development of industry best practices. The Trust will also help finance the revision of fire alarm standards. A new trustee board was appointed late last year, which will ensure the transparency and accountability of the Trust.

The Trust board is composed of people who work within the fire protection industry. The trustees of the trust are industry experts with a vast range of experience. Their skills range from technical fire protection to fire safety.

Seismic upgrade

Several different factors will need to be considered when you are thinking about seismic upgrades for your home or business. A seismic upgrade is a great way to protect your property from the threat of an earthquake. California is considered a high-risk earthquake zone, which makes it essential to meet the appropriate requirements when building a new home or business.

The first step is getting a building inspection. This step involves hiring a structural engineer to assess your property. The results of the inspection will include a detailed report on the condition of the building and the need for seismic upgrades. In some cases, a building is not seismically safe, so a seismic upgrade is a must.

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