Benefits of an AW Sump Pump

A sump pump is a mechanical device that removes water from a basin that collects water. It is commonly found in the basement of a home. This type of pump has several different features and is available in different models. It has many benefits and is easy to install and maintain. For taking a pump is a great option for people who live in areas where water is frequently present.

Water level sensing switch

A Water level sensing switch for AW Summ Pump is a device that senses the level of water in a sump pump. The switch will turn on or off the pump when the water level rises or falls. The switch also acts as an alarm when the water level falls below a certain level.

The most common type of water level sensing switch is the float type. This type of switch is commonly used in sewer systems. These units can be installed on the top or side of the tank, and are made from durable materials. They also come with stainless steel hose clamps, which make them ideal for most return pipe types.

Another type of sensor is the ultrasonic type. This type uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves to measure water levels. The WL705 sends out a sound wave of 20,000 Hz with a 12-degree beam angle. Any objects that block the beam will interfere with the return of the signal.


Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring that your AW sump pump protects your home from flooding. You must make sure that the basin is clean and have enough water to cycle the pump. Also, you should periodically remove the pump from the pit and clean it. The manual of the pump should be read before performing any maintenance. You should also check for corrosion or other damage.

To prevent the pump from failing, check the impeller and the intake for debris that can prevent proper operation. If you notice an oil slick on the water, the pump may be leaking coolant. If this happens, you must clean the impeller and intake.


The cost of an AW sump pump can vary depending on several factors. Your home’s plumbing line layout, accessibility, and landscaping all affect the price. Choosing the best sump pump for your needs is important, and it can also save you money. It is best to contact a licensed plumbing professional for assistance.

When buying a sump pump, you should first determine the amount of water that your basement can handle. While most sump pumps come with backup battery systems, they cannot handle large volumes of water. Also, the pump should be made of non-corrosive materials. The best ones are made from stainless steel, bronze, or epoxy-coated cast iron.

The cost of an AW sump pump will vary depending on the size and type of pump. A standard pump with a capacity of 800 to 2,200 gallons per hour can cost approximately $250. However, if you need a larger, heavy-duty pump, you will need to spend about $400.

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