Bankruptcy Attorney – Kevin Zazzera

In this article, I’m going to talk about Attorney Kevin Zazzera’s qualifications, experience, and case histories. These are all important factors to look at when choosing an attorney. After reading this, you’ll be well-equipped to make your choice. If you’re having financial difficulties, Kevin can help.

Attorney Kevin Zazzera

Attorney Kevin Zazzera has a great deal of experience fighting for clients in bankruptcy matters. He specializes in consumer bankruptcy. He also has extensive knowledge of estate planning and real estate transactions. His office provides free consultations for most legal matters. He cares about his clients and will go to their location to help them understand their situation.

Kevin is a Staten island bankruptcy attorney who can help you navigate the bankruptcy process. He will explain the benefits of bankruptcy and debt restructuring and guide you through the entire process. You can visit his office on Rose Avenue near the New Drop train station and get a free consultation. You can also reach him through his website.


Kevin Zazzera is a Staten Island bankruptcy attorney who has more than 15 years of experience fighting for his clients. He specializes in consumer bankruptcy. He understands the difficulties facing many people over the last few years and knows how important it is to have proper financial management. Often, people think bankruptcy is a last resort but it is not the only solution.

If you are in debt up to your eyeballs and are struggling to make ends meet, Kevin is a fantastic resource. With his help, you can emerge from a no-win situation and get a fresh start in life. Regardless of whether or not you have been able to pay the debt you owe, Kevin will be your guide through the process.

Cases handled

Kevin Zazzera has over 15 years of experience fighting for clients facing financial hardship. His primary area of focus is bankruptcy. His office is dedicated to providing personal service, minimizing stress and anxiety, and giving his clients a fresh start. Kevin’s rates are fair and he doesn’t charge a hidden fee. He is highly recommended.

The Law Office of Kevin Zazzera

The Law Office of Kevin Zazzera has been serving Staten Island for over 25 years. Its primary area of focus is consumer bankruptcy. The office prides itself on personal attention to clients and aims to remove as much stress as possible from the bankruptcy process. Its goal is to give clients a clean slate and a fresh start.

He has 25 years of experience

Kevin Zazzera has been practicing law in Staten Island for over 25 years, concentrating on consumer bankruptcy. His law firm is dedicated to giving personal attention to every client and focuses on taking the stress and anxiety out of bankruptcy. By taking care of the details for his clients, he gives them a fresh start.

He is a pleasure to work with

Kevin Zazzera is an attorney who has dedicated his practice to helping Staten Island clients for over 25 years. His primary area of focus is consumer bankruptcy. Clients can count on him for personalized service that takes the stress and anxiety of bankruptcy off their shoulders. With his help, you can start a new financial life with no worries.

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