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Test you local knowledge with our tricky quiz on all things Nottingham

Test you local knowledge with our tricky quiz on all things Nottingham. The question includes facts about the city’s transport system, landmarks, pubs and hotels. If you are from Nottinghamshire or just like to know stuff about the area, then this should be right up your street!

This is a fun little test we’ve put together to see how much you really know about the town you live in! See if you can get it right – or even get a perfect score!

Our popular local knowledge quiz shows you how much you really know about the city you live in. From history, culture and politics, to food, architecture and entertainment, there’s something here for everyone.

The Nottingham Knowledge Quiz is our flagship quiz site which tests your knowledge of the city of Nottingham.

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NOTTINGHAMSHIREThe hidden history of Nottingham King John’s Palace ruins

Nottingham King John’s Palace is the largest medieval ruins in England and it was built during the reign of King John (1199-1216).

Nottingham Castle was first built by King John in the late 12th Century. It was destroyed during the English Civil War in 1642. Over 100 years later it was largely rebuilt, although the building never reached its former glory.

The palace was built in the 14th century but its remains were destroyed in 1741 during the Great Fire of London. The current Grade I listed building dates from the 18th century and was built by William Beckford, the writer and collector who owned the original site. In fact he was so keen to create a building which would not be out of place in Italy that it

King John’s Palace was built in Nottingham in the 12th century, as the residence of the Lord High Chancellor of England, but it was completely demolished in 1741. The story of its history has been largely untold until now.

The ruins of the former medieval Palace in Nottingham, England are home to one of the best collections of Romanesque art in the country. For nearly 700 years the site was the private domain of the bishops of Nottingham, who lived there in a series of magnificent halls and mansions. Their grandeur was finally demolished during the Reformation when the Bishop’s Palace was converted into

Tributes to ‘Queen of Giltbrook’ who campaigned for law change

The ‘Queen of Giltbrook’ was the name given to Miss M.G. Oates by her friends at the time of her death on January 22nd 1917. She was a woman with much to be proud of having been born in Giltbrook on the 22nd of June 1886 and lived there until she died. She was a schoolteacher and a very

In memory of the late Dame Margaret Taylor, the ‘Queen of Giltbrook’ who campaigned for changes in the law that would give more protection to domestic violence victims, we have created a special blog section dedicated to her life and work.

The Campaign for Better Care, which campaigns to improve the care of older people in England, recently launched a petition calling for the introduction of a ‘Right to Die’. The petition calls on the Government to introduce legislation allowing patients with ‘terminal illness’, who are not in pain, and wish to die with dignity, to end their lives with medical

Mary-Ann Meehan, from the Tributes website, has put together a website dedicated to people campaigning to change the law on civil partnerships.

Nottingham drivers could face £70 fines at 4 busy roads under new council powers

Nottinghamshire County Council has announced a package of new measures aimed at reducing congestion and speeding in the county.

. The fines will range from £30 to £70 for first-time offenders.

Nottingham City Council has confirmed plans to fine people who drive vehicles without number plates on four busy city roads, as part of a new campaign to tackle unlicensed driving.

The authority’s leader Councillor Stuart Kingsland said: “We’re introducing these new penalties so we can clamp down on dangerous driving, particularly at peak traffic times.

New powers allowing Nottingham City Council to fine motorists who park on the wrong side of a road are set to be introduced.


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The conclusion Nottingham blog features news from Nottingham city and region as well as posts on the latest happenings and happenings in the local area.

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