Which Vacuum Cleaner is Right for Me?

With so many different types and models of vacuum cleaners on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your home.

Do you need a powerful upright model for deep cleaning carpets or a lightweight handheld for quick touch-ups?

Will an all-in-one model with both capabilities be the best choice? To help you make the best decision for your needs, here is a brief overview of the different types of vacuum cleaners available.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are three main types of vacuum cleaners: upright, canister, and handheld. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the one that will work best for your specific needs is important.

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular type on the market. They are powerful and efficient, making them ideal for cleaning carpets and other large surfaces. However, they can be bulky and difficult to maneuver, so they may not be the best choice for small apartments or homes with many stairs.
  • Canister Vacuum Cleaners: They are lighter and more maneuverable than upright models, making them a good choice for homes with many stairs or tight spaces. However, they are not as powerful as upright models, so they may not be the best choice for homes with a lot of carpeting.
  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: Handheld vacuum cleaners are the most compact and lightweight type of vacuum cleaner, making them perfect for small apartments or quick touch-ups. However, they are not as powerful as other vacuum cleaners and can only be used on smaller surfaces.
  • Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner: A Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a handheld vacuum that can be used for wet and dry cleaning. It is ideal for quick clean-ups but not powerful enough for large jobs. UWANT B100 is one of the best cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaners.

Now that you know the different types of vacuum cleaners available, it’s time to choose the right one for your needs.

Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, there are several factors you should keep in mind, including the type of floors you have, the size of your home, and your budget.

  • Flooring Type: The flooring you have in your home will play a big role in determining which type of vacuum cleaner is right for you. For example, you won’t need a powerful carpet cleaner if you have mostly hardwood floors.
  • Size of Your Home: The size of your home will also affect your choice of vacuum cleaner. For example, a handheld vacuum cleaner may be all you need if you have a small apartment.
  • Budget: Finally, you’ll need to consider your budget when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Upright models tend to be more expensive than other types but are also more powerful. If you have a limited budget, UWANT can help you out.


When choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home, there are several things to consider. The most important factors to consider are the type of flooring in your home, the amount of traffic in your home, and whether or not you have pets.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can narrow down your choices and decide which type of vacuum will best suit your needs.

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