Lucidchart Pricing vs Hubstaff Pricing: The Latest PM Guide  

For task management, there are numerous project management tools available. It is challenging to choose which software is ideal for your company. Lucidchart and Hubstaff are reliable solutions that provide a variety of work management alternatives. They can be used to manage field activities, supply chain operations, and product planning. This post will go over their key features as well as their demos. It will also compare Hubstaff pricing vs Lucidchart pricing.

Lucidchart is a collaborative planning application that uses flowcharts. You can use it to organize information and procedures. It provides a variety of templates for modification and deployment. For example, it offers flow charts, floor layouts, and Venn diagrams. These charts can monitor workflow and identify inefficiencies in operations. It gives a central location to coordinate team members and track the progress of workplace ideas.

Hubstaff is a time-tracking software service that focuses on remote work. It offers a complete accountability structure, including activity tracking, screenshot capture, and geofencing. You can also use it for basic punch-in and punch-out. Managers can create personnel timetables and manage work while monitoring each employee’s and project’s productivity. It converts logged hours into timesheets and reports. In turn, it allows for payroll fulfillment and business insights. Lucidchart Software

Key Features

Content Diversity

To add depth and detail to charts and maps, you can choose from an extensive collection of materials, such as shapes and tables. You can also add information and context to projects and attach text, pictures, and multimedia assets to individual blocks and projects.

Role Management

You can assign and adjust responsibility by project or department. Use integrated chat boxes and collaborative cursors to work with other team members in real time.

Define Projects

You can create communication, planning, and execution. Users can access a broad collection of visualization tools integrated into the diagram. You can use diagrams to map out broad organizational goals and visualize employment patterns in the workplace.

Data Import

You can import CSV files or spreadsheets into individual chart blocks to add intelligent diagramming to designs. You can also make dynamic charts depending on unique input. You can use data linkage and auto-visualization with imported data.

Lucidchart Pricing

Lucidchart pricing offers four plans for its customers and their details are given below:
The freemium gives you access to 3 editable Lucidchart documents. It also offers up to 100 templates to help you start task management.
The Individual plan costs $7.95. It offers unlimited editable documents, premium-level templates, and 1GB of data storage.
The Team plan costs $9. You can use it for commenting, revision history, and password-protected publishing.
The enterprise pricing plan’s cost depends on your company’s size. The Lucidchart sales team will offer you a customized quote.

Lucidchart Demo

Watching the Lucidchart demo can be instructive. It will assist you in comprehending the characteristics of Lucidchart software. You may schedule the demo by contacting the Lucidchart sales team.

Lucidchart Reviews

The Lucidchart software is rated 4.6/5 on G2 and 4.5/5 on GetApp. Users appreciate the diversity of diagrams that can be used to manage data. They also like the fact that they can access documents from anywhere. Some users believe that it can be challenging to use Lucidchart due to a slight learning curve.

Hubstaff Software

Key Features

Screenshot Management

The app allows you to snap up to three screenshots in a 10-minute period. Users and supervisors can see which screenshots were captured. This feature ensures better management of data.

Time Off Management

The program can manage vacation rules, including holidays. Workers can have their own time off policies, and time off can be calculated using yearly rates, accrual, or negative balances. It also takes into consideration holidays. These can be immediately integrated into the staff schedule.

Payroll Management

You can calculate paychecks by using an employee’s timesheet and established pay rates. Payment reports are created automatically. Pay concerns can now be addressed totally automatically because of the integrations.

Timesheet Management

Employee punch-ins and punch-outs from programs or browsers are immediately converted into timesheets. Employees can alter timesheets, and bosses can accept or reject them.

Project Management

Employers may observe how much time is spent on each job by breaking down time tracking by project and task. Workers can create individual tasks in-app while on the clock.

Hubstaff Pricing

The Hubstaff pricing is divided based on products:

Hubstaff Time: Offers four pricing options starting with a freemium.
Hubstaff Desk: Offers four pricing options starting with Desk Free with limited features to help users get started.
Hubstaff Field: Offers three pricing options. The Field Pro subscription plan costs $10.
Users also receive a 14-day free trial for each product.

Hubstaff Demo

Watching the Hubstaff demo will help you see it in action. The Hubstaff demo will introduce you to its functions and help you decide if it is compatible with your work.

Hubstaff Reviews

Hubstaff is rated 4.6/5 on GetApp and 4.3/5 on G2. Users appreciate it because it can be used to manage field staff and track their attendance. They also like it because it lets them track multiple projects. However, the reports that the software creates can be overwhelming.

Final Remarks

So, which should you go with? The capabilities of LucidChart and Hubstaff differ from each other. Lucidchart can be used to manage Venn diagrams to process data. It offers insight into your projects by creating reports.
Hubstaff is more beneficial for companies that want to track their field staff. You can also use it for agile project management and workforce management. It incorporates in-depth tools like timesheets, reports, payment, and payroll. It also has the capacity to manage budgets for clients or projects. And lastly, you can also create invoices for projects with your company’s logo.
When it comes to choosing between the two, it is crucial to consider their features. You can also watch Lucidchart and Hubstaff demos to decide which software you should purchase.

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