Meditech EMR Vs Medhost EMR: A Complete Review

Both of these software are very potent at carrying out EMR functions. They both are offering attractive solutions to companies to streamline their medical operations. These companies have a good following in term of customers who are currently using their software. Their customers hold them in high regard and greatly advocated their software and its effectiveness. Both these software companies are very well positioned in the EMR market. They are ranked very high according to their respective clientele.

Meditech EMR Outline

Meditech EMR is an on-premise EHR software that provides clinical charting for health care practitioners. It is best catered for midsized and community health facilities. The clinical panels feature enables the physicians and other users to view current patient activity. I also allow selected group pieces of information to be merged into a single display. The software interface can be customized to suit a specific physician’s specialty in order to make his work easier. This way, only the relevant information is initially shown which help its user to respond quickly. The software also increases the interoperability with other systems. Continuity of Care Documents which include important information about a patient activities and treatment. All these files can be printed and transmitted to other system, electronically. The patient history and files are easily assessable by the physician for the patient’s future visits or appointments. The software allows physicians to document and chart patient information. This feature leads to increased efficiency, boosted revenue, and improved healthcare quality. It also supports heath care facilities to manage at-home patient tasks, appointment scheduling, billing, and manage documentation.

Few features of Meditech:

  • Data Documentation.
  • Patient Portal.
  • Compliance Tracking.
  • Activity Management.
  • Compliance Tracking.
  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • E-Prescribing.

Meditech EMR Demo: How to Go About Requesting It?

The process of requesting the demo is very intuitive and straightforward. The customer has to go onto the company website and go through the contact option. There they will have to fill out a simple form that requires very basic details. Afterwards, company’s sale representative will contact the customer and inform them about the feature list and whether or not it is suitable for their operations. The company does not offer free trial for the software.

Meditech EMR Pricing: How to get a Good Deal?

The company does not make the pricing available to the general public. They tend to offer customer pricing according to the customer needs and requirements. That a part of their marketing of their pricing strategy. The company does not have a free version of the software.

Meditech EMR Reviews: How do They Stack Up?

The software is not very well reviewed in the internet, with most reviews falling somewhere in the middle. The software is rated 3\5 at based on ‎31 user reviews. It is also rated 3.1 at based on ‎116 user reviews. Medhost is a cloud-based EMR software that is highly acclaimed in the ER environment. It has an Emergency Department Information feature which was developed in collaboration with nurses and physicians. This outside input from people who understand the real needs of this niche EHR serves an entire spectrum of health care professionals. This software is most helpful for physicians, nurse practitioners, as well as office managers. It is also catered for many niche specialties such as acute care and behavioral health. This software allows clinicians and health care facilities to streamline their workflows by generating operational improvements. And as a result, it aids in day-to-day regulatory requirements and increases the profitability. It also reduces documentation errors and patient safety by eliminating drop-down menus and unnecessary screens. The different modules offered by the software support health care personnel in building closer relationships with patients. It as well as enables more effective administration of the facility by having financial solutions which are in built.

Few features of Medhost:

  • Charting.
  • Event Management.
  • Health Analytics.
  • Record Management.
  • Medical Billing.
  • Patient Portal.
  • Claim Management.

How to Get Medhost EMR Demo?

Getting the Medhost EMR demo is very easy and uncomplicated. Interested customers have go onto the company website and click the contact option. There they will have to fill out a simple form that requires very basic details. Afterwards, the company’s sales representative will reached to the customers and inform them about the software and its features. The customers will also be informed whether or not the software is the right fit for them. The company does not offer free trial for the software.

Medhost EMR Pricing and How Much does It Costs?

The company does not offer the pricing on their website. They offer a customer package for each customer. It is a part pf their pricing and marketing strategy. Any curious customer can go onto any third-party website and request a quote on the pricing and go from there. There is no free version of the software.

Medhost EMR Reviews and How They Look Like?

The software is rated not very much but very well on world wide web. It is rated 4\5 in based on ‎20 user reviews. It is also rated 3.5\5 at based on ‎6 user reviews.

Major shortcoming of Each Software


  • The software lacks customizability.
  • The software is slow and experiences occasional glitches.
  • The software has limited functionality in terms of its charts.
  • The software is expensive for small businesses.
  • The software also has limited built-in templates.


  • The software has outdated interface.
  • The software has unresponsive customer support. 
  • The software is interface is a bit intimidating for new users.
  • The features are somewhat complex to use.
  • The software sometimes suffers glitches and stops working.

What are Each Software’s Future Prospects?

Both software are heavily investing in their future ventures. They are opening new offices in new regions previously untouched by either of them. They are also further developing their software, by adding new features and tools. They want to adapt themselves in order to provide solution for multiple specialties.


Meditech and Medhost are both very good software with their equal share of pros and cons. When answering the question of which EMR software is better, that is completely up to the customer. They need to pick which software best fits their operational mold and offer the most features for the lowest price.

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