Egyptian Streets

Egyptian Streets is a blog about urban life in Egypt by our resident expat Cairo bureau chief, Alice Serri. Alice writes about street food, social life, and local culture, with photos and video from Egypt’s bustling cities.

Egyptian Streets provides information about Cairo (Egypt) including hotels, restaurants, things to do, places to shop, attractions, places to stay, and travel.

If you are into street art, then you probably know the blog called Egyptian Streets. It is the place where people share pictures of street art and street artists.

Egyptian Streets is the most popular Egyptian lifestyle blog online, full of beautiful photos from Egypt. The site focuses on food, fashion, design, art and culture in Cairo and beyond.

Our blog features interesting stories and photographs from around the world. We have many categories including travel, culture, photography, history, and food. Check it out!

Who invested in Egyptian Streets?

There are many people who invest in Egyptian Streets. In this blog we would like to introduce the reader to some of the people who invested in Egyptian Street. We hope that you will enjoy the post.

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We have a section of our blog dedicated to reporting on who invested in the projects we write about on our site, so you can see who’s backing the projects that you read about here.

How much funding has Egyptian Streets raised to date?

We post updates about our crowdfunding campaign in our How Much Has Egyptian Street Raised? Blog. Here, we share news about our campaigns, including the total amount of money raised so far. We also post stories about our supporters, their projects, and what they are doing with our money.

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Egyptian Streets is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Islamic and Christian heritage sites in Egypt. It was founded in March 2014 by American architect David Sarifian.

In the past 3 years since it launched, we’ve raised $3 million from private investors and VCs like Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher, Steve Case, Guy Oseary and many others.

Where is Egyptian Streets’s headquarters?

Egyptian Streets’ HQ is located in the heart of Soho, London. It was designed by London-based firm, Design Within Reach and built by world renowned company, Arup. The building has a striking profile and is made up of three parts.

Located in Toronto Canada, Egyptian Streets is the most well-known blog covering Egypt. Our focus is on the political and cultural issues of Egypt, with a focus on human rights.

Egyptian Streets’ headquarters is located in the heart of the world-renowned New York City neighborhood, Greenwich Village. We also have an office in Los Angeles, California and New Orleans, Louisiana. Our company has several offices around the world including China, Hong Kong, London, New Zealand, Philippines, and Singapore.

Who are Egyptian Streets’s competitors

Egyptian Streets is a blog focused on the research and development of emerging trends in the creative arts, including architecture, design, photography, film, fashion, music, art and food. We explore how these developments affect different communities, the city as a whole, and we attempt to shine light on the creativity of New York City.

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In this article, I’ll be showing you some examples of my recent work, along with the conclusion of my project “Egyptian Streets”. The project aims to give people from all walks of life a way to experience the country and its culture, through photography. The project also aims to educate tourists about Egypt, as well as to raise awareness among Egyptians themselves.

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