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Crypto News Rocket is a free software application that provides the latest news and information on a large variety of cryptocurrencies. Its features include breaking news alerts, price charts, and watchlists. Its home screen widgets, Breaking News page, and Details section allow for more in-depth analysis.


Recently, we have seen a lot of buzz surrounding Cardano. This is a cryptocurrency that is based on proof-of-stake protocols, a greener alternative to proof-of-work. The recent hard fork of the Cardano blockchain has made it extremely popular, and it’s on its way to surpassing Ethereum in terms of network transactions. Its advanced Defi tools have also helped it reach that goal. It’s currently the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world. And now, the community is looking to create a space on its blockchain for high-growth projects.

A recent announcement from CryptoNewsRocket aims to make cryptocurrency even more attractive to investors. As part of its ongoing development, the community has been working on hard forks, which will add more features to the system. In March 2021, it’s expected to enable multi-asset trading on its blockchain. Cardano has also announced a partnership with Rival, a company that develops platforms and marketplaces for the NFT market. The next hard fork of the Cardano blockchain is called the Vasil hard fork, and it’s scheduled to take place in September. It’s named after Cardano ambassador Vasil St. Dabov, and it will bring many new features to the Cardano platform.

Cardano has also seen some bullish moves in recent days. Its daily NFT volume surged over 300 percent. On top of that, the creator of the currency has responded to critics who have branded the crypto as a ghost chain. As a result, Cardano’s price surged by over 11 percent over the last 24 hours, reaching a low of $0.3629 and hitting a high of $0.4142.

The development team has also responded to critics of the project, stating that the Vasil hard fork is progressing well. Even so, critics are still throwing shade at Cardano executives. The Founder Charles Hoskinson responded to a YouTube troll who called him an “actor.” The development team is on schedule to upgrade the currency to version 5.0 on September 22nd, 2022.


Bitcoin has recently been hailed as a “rocket” in the crypto space, but it’s not a rocket yet. Even though Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency, it’s not in any way rocket-fueled yet. The crypto-centric space program is aimed at making blockchains, including Bitcoin, accessible to everyone, and extending their use beyond Earth’s atmosphere. The mission also aims to create a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency technologies.

Crypto News Rocket Review

Crypto News Rocket is a cryptocurrency news aggregator that offers a wealth of useful information on digital coins. It tracks prices of more than two thousand cryptocurrencies and pulls data from several digital asset exchanges, including Localbitcoins. It also provides real-time alerts on price changes and allows users to create watchlists. The software also includes home screen widgets, a Breaking News page, and a detailed analysis section.


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