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Whether you’re a startup company or a large corporate entity, The Storyteller Studios has the experience and expertise to create a video that will inspire your audience. Whether it’s a marketing video, customer service video, testimonial video, or any other kind of video, The Storyteller Studios can help you capture your brand’s emotional appeal and get your company noticed.

Brynn Hambley

Managing Director Neal Cohen and Executive Creative Director Brian McCauley have unveiled a slew of promotions for the Flavor and Cutters Studios. Most notably, Kate Smith, a former senior producer at Carbon, is back. And the aforementioned has a new top-secret project: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, a four-issue comic book anthology. The series, which is based on an Emmy Award-winning classic television show, will make its debut in March 2020.

And while you’re at it, take a closer look at the other big news – the hiring of top-notch talent. A recent study found that the Detroit area is home to many of the country’s top-notch creative talent. As Flavor’s Managing Director, Neal Cohen, explains, it’s an honor to have people of such caliber onboard, and his team is excited to continue to assemble the best and the brightest.

Emily Dzioba

Founded by Emily Dzioba C’18, The Storyteller Studios is a dramaturgy and playwriting development program designed for young artists. It provides a no-cost opportunity for young artists to develop their work with a professional mentor. This program focuses on the development of the dramaturgy skills of emerging writers and dramaturgs, with targeted mentorship, professional development, and community support.

The Storyteller Studio is a program developed by Emily Dzioba C’18, an artist who works as a dramaturg, educator, and arts administrator. She believes in breaking down barriers to access and developing resonant stories that connect audiences. She works to promote self-determination by artists and strives to connect audiences with works that inspire.

The Storyteller Studio operates every year, with an application process that takes place in the summer. Artists selected for the program work with a Lead Mentor to identify their project and create a research packet. This project might include a pitching treatment, an audience engagement concept, or a collaborative play in progress.

Elisabetta Bracer

Currently, Elisabetta Bracer is a Dramaturg for Don’t Tell Amy Productions. She recently completed a stint as a member of the Dance Nation company at Montclair State University. She is set to make her New York City debut with New York Theatre Summerfest in May. Aside from her work as a dramaturg, she recently moved into the teaching arena with a position at Porch Light Studios shortly.

For a young artist, the Storyteller Studio is a no-cost, no-strings-attached opportunity. For eight months, a selected handful of artists are paired with a mentor, who is responsible for providing professional development as well as community support. The perks of the program are plentiful. The Storyteller Studio is an ideal setting for young artists to test the waters, and perhaps forge a lifelong love for theater.

Alison O’Brien

Whether you are a young writer, actor, or dramaturg, The Storyteller Studio is the perfect place to develop your storytelling skills. You’ll find professional development, community support, and targeted mentorship. This is a no-cost opportunity for young artists. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or just a newcomer to the storytelling community, you can start your storytelling journey with us.

The Storyteller Studio is open to all young artists in the Chicago area. The Cohort takes place over eight months. Each artist works with the Lead Mentor to identify their project. Depending on the artist’s interest, their project may include learning to work with a dramaturg, reading their play, or pitching a treatment. They may also collaborate with a play in development.


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