What is the difference between the best graphic tablet and a pen display tablet?

May it be a drawing tablet or the best graphic tablet, both have become an imperative part of the digital art world. Choosing between the two greatly depends upon the personal choice of the user.

However, to ensure that you choose the right, you need to know the difference as well as the similarities between a drawing tablet and a graphic tablet.

Similarities between the best graphic tablet and drawing tablet

Let us first focus on the similarities between these two types of tablets, and later we will talk about the differences.

Touch Technology

Both the pen displays and the graphics tablets incorporate touch technology. Graphic tablets use the pen for implementing touch technology, whereas you can enjoy more flexibility with a drawing tablet.

This isn’t the done thing, as improvement in technology is resulting in graphic tablets recognizing your hand just like the drawing tablet.

Pressure Sensitivity Technology

Another great thing that is common about both the graphics and drawing tablets is that they use pressure sensitivity technology. This lets you define the opacity and the thickness of your line. It lets you add depth to your drawing.

Tilt Sensitivity

Both graphics tablets and drawing tablets also have tilt sensitivity. This art-specific feature is important for designers and artists as it lets them mic their drawing pen to the maximum. With tilt sensitivity, you can also mic the paintbrush, airbrush, and similar other brushes effect.

Difference between Graphic and Drawing Tablet

It is time to learn the difference now.

Display Screen

The major difference between a graphic tablet and a drawing tablet is that the latter comes with a screen, whereas the former doesn’t have one. In order to use a graphics tablet, you need to connect it to a computer.

On the other hand, for drawing tablets, you can use their own display, or you can connect them to the computer to draw.

Price Difference

Of course, if something is providing extra facilities, it is going to be expensive. So, drawing tablets are more expensive in comparison to graphic tablets. Since cost is an important factor when buying anything, therefore, it is best to do research before investing in one.

What is better a drawing tablet or the best graphic tablet?

Each form of tablet offer its benefits and disadvantages. We are listing everything below. Read and decide which one would work for you.

Pros of Graphic tablet

Affordable and Accessible

There is no denying that graphic tablets are noth more affordable and accessible. They are also compatible with any interface or design software.


One of the biggest advantage of a graphic tablet is that they offer accuracy. Reason being, they respond well to both your hand movement and the pressure that you apply on the pen. They have the ability to emulate the shapes and the lines that you draw.

In other words, they are perfect for mimicking your hand movement on the paper. In addition, graphics tablets also offer features that pen and a paper can never do so. With a tablet, you can do more than plain sketching, these devices work well for even professional architectures.

Close Feel to nature

Graphic tablets replicate the felling of a regular pen and paper to a great extent. This is perhaps the reason why these tablet are more famous among artists and painters instead of the drawing tablets.

Offer Versatility

The best graphic tablet is virtually limitless. It does not have any constraints that you would face when working with a pen and a paper. For instance, you would not have to worry about the type of paper to use, the type of colors to invest in and similar other things.


With global warming on the rise, it is imperative to invest in products that are eco-friendly. You would not be wasting any amount of paper, nor would contributing towards the environmental pollution.


Durability is the key feature that the best graphic tablet would offer. They would have the ability to withstand extreme weather, dust and water.

Cons of Graphic Tablets

It does not offer the facility of seeing directly as to what you are drawing. So, there is a bit of learning curve to become a proficient.

They are not very portable, as you would need to have them attached to another screen in order to work on them.

Drawing Tablet Advantages


With drawing display, you can see as you draw. There is no learning curve here. Thus, making the entire process more natural and offers better visual coordination.


Of course, since you do not need an additional screen to work with the Veikk tablet, you can take it anywhere you want. Also, the tablet is not very big or hefty. So, take it with you on your campaigning trip or world tour, you will have no problem carrying it.

Disadvantages of Drawing Tablet

Sometimes drawing tablet have color sparkles tha result from applying to much pressure. It can also happen due to screen degeneration.

Durability is often the case with a drawing tablet.

Nonetheless, the type of tablet that you choose greatly depends upon your personal requirements. So make to choose the one that you are comfortable with!

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