Why we Use Web Scraping for competitor analysis

In the last few decades, every business element that relies on communication, presentation, and data storage has fallen to digitalization. With the help of constantly improving, powerful devices, we can enjoy the entire, fruitful world of telecommunications, information technologies, and intelligent, organized implementation of data systems.


Today, every business has to have a website, a reliable data server to store information on products, services, user accounts, and cybersecurity solutions that safeguard sensitive information from criminals. Massive amounts of data can be stored, uploaded, and transferred to partners and clients with a few clicks of a button. The efficient exchange of information and its control that helps us create websites, software, and other systems have made the web an irreplaceable part of the modern business environment.


However, the speed and convenience of every interaction also makes them more transparent. Just a few decades ago, price changes of products and services were much less sensitive. Today, representatives of other companies can visit your online store and use automated web scrapers to extract every bit of information available to customers.


Even marketing efforts in the past were much less efficient, allowing the most successful companies to stay on top of the market much longer and without extra effort. Without efficient tools of communication that we love and enjoy today, businesses with the most recognized brand and the resources to advertise on billboards and primitive platforms of traditional media dominate the uneven playing field. Today, you can encounter advertisements from many businesses on the internet, with their appearance governed by many technical criteria. Tech-savvy company owners have many ways to improve the visibility of their business, either through finding partnership deals with easy-to-reach content creators or improving their visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Inspection of queried search results is the most popular way for internet users to find their desired products and services, making search engines the most effective platform for marketing.


The discussion leads us back to transparency. Modern businesses remain competitive by using the described tools above and comparing the similar efforts of competitors at the same time. In this article, we will describe the approach to inspection of other players in the market and analysis of their efforts with the help of web scrapers. Here you will learn how the process works and whether you should create your scraping script or choose a No-Code Web Scraper SEO competitor. With search engines as the best platform for advertisement, you will not be the only one utilizing a No-Code Web Scraper to improve your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Keep reading to learn about the most important performance metrics and how they help compare your success with the competitor. Once you understand how web scrapers achieve their goals, we will discuss privacy protection tools that maximize their efficiency by protecting your script or a purchased No-Code Scraper.


How a web scraper works

Most web scrapers have two parts – a web scraper that extracts HTML or XML code and a parser that will filter and sort the most relevant data. With complex No-Code web scrapers you may have additional features, comfortable adjustments for parsers, and even an easy-to-use GUI for some cases. Writing your scraper is not difficult and you can test the script on popular sites full of unrestricted information like Wikipedia.


Web scraper protection

When collecting information from competitor websites and search engines, do not expect friendly treatment. Most pages on the internet hate bot traffic and want to separate it from real user engagement. To make sure your IP address is never in danger, use a proxy server when scraping search engines for SEO analysis.


SERP results scraping

With the help of web scraping tools, you can analyze SERP results and compare your visibility with the competitor. If another player in the market has a better position for keywords connected to your goods and services, you can attempt to mend this weakness by creating more backlinks embedded into unique content, and continue scraping the search engine to monitor improvements and the shifts in positions among the competitors.


Making quick adjustments

For a fast solution, you can purchase Google ads with appropriate extensions for the targeted locale and receive a priority position in search results. To test their effectiveness, run your scraper through for the keywords that trigger the ad.


Also, if your business is looking for ways to expand the offered goods for clients, you can start testing the keywords and potentially discover weak SERP positions. Making quick adjustments through ads or optimizing your company to gain a better position will result in growth that comes from visibility.


Most internet users focus on the top 3 businesses for entered goods and services. By analyzing competitors through web scraping search engines and the content on their websites, you will always have the access to the most relevant solutions that will help with SEO and effective digital marketing for your company. 

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