How To Become A Master Of Project Management With PMP Certification?

The internationally renowned project management certification known as the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification evaluates a candidate’s ability to manage the staff, processes, and business goals of a professional project. The PMP certification is acknowledged as a valid credential for project managers. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), which oversees the certification, there are over a million PMP holders worldwide. It is useful to project managers in almost every area, including business, information technology (IT), construction, and health. You must pass a certification exam in addition to having the necessary experience to earn the certification.


Criteria for PMP certification


You must verify your education and project management experience to sit for the exam. These are listed below:


35 hours of project management training, or coursework that was primarily focused on project management learning objectives. If you have a four-year degree, you must have 36 months of project management experience; if you just have a high school certificate or an associate degree, you must have 60 months of project management experience.


How to ace PMP certification


Satisfy the prerequisites for PMP certification


Make sure you are qualified before signing up to take the PMP exam. You’ll require one of the following:


If you’ve completed a four-year degree programme, received 35 hours of project management training, and have at least 36 months of project management expertise, or


If you have an associate degree or a high school diploma, you need to take a 35-hour  course and have 60 months of experience.


You should keep a record of your projects and training, noting details such as your precise role, your duties, and the duration of the projects or training, so that you may refer to it when you apply. 


The three-year expiration date of the PMP certification. To keep it, you’ll need to invest 60 hours in professional growth during that time. In such case, you can sign up to retake the exam.




Create a PMI account to begin the application process for the PMP exam if you want a  Certified PMP career. Sharing basic personal information like your school background and specifics of the projects you’ve worked on will be required. After being accepted, you’ll pay the exam price and make a test appointment.




This is the time when you prepare for the exam, either independently or through coursework. Numerous exam preparation companies advise devoting 60 to 120 hours to studying. The length of time depends on how regularly you study.


Ace the PMP test


The test can be done online or in a testing facility close to you. A little under four hours are needed to finish the exam.


Keep your certification current


The three-year expiration date of the PMP certification. To keep it, you’ll need to invest 60 hours in professional growth during that time. Although obtaining the PMP certification is difficult, it is a crucial step in your career and ace the project management process which may boost your earning potential. You must acquire and comprehend a wide range of challenging subjects, some of which may fall outside of your primary field of expertise.




This was comprehensive information regarding the PMP Certification Process, PMP Certification Training Courses, and the PMP Certification Requirements to obtain the most widely known project management certification less difficult and more accessible.


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