Use Drawing Digital Tablet to Mix Digital Media with Traditional Mediums

In the ever-evolving world of new technologies, gadgets, and, software, have you ever thought is it possible for artists to draw and produce their art using modern Means such as a drawing digital tablet?

Thanks to this technological advancement, artists are able to replace paper or canvas with graphic tablets and pencils with a digital stylus.

 Not only these digital tablets are user-friendly but they’re also environmental friendly. For instance, they reduce the amount of paper used significantly.

 However, if you’re using the mouse with your digital tablet, you might have trouble as the mouse does not offer the versatility that a pencil does.

 Fortunately, you now have the option of using a digital pen or more commonly known as a stylus.

 A premium quality stylus can replicate the entire functionality of a pencil.

Mixing digital media with traditional mediums

When you use visual software and graphic tablets to create images, the results can vary. Some artists such as Cynthia Kaufman Rose, use a combination of a cleric, Ink, pencil, digital images, and paper on wood to have an amazing Image.

 The result is a stunning combination of what we consider traditional mediums of art with a combination of digital forms.

Likewise, there are other artists who combine traditional mediums of art with Photoshop.

 How you combine your traditional mediums of art with technology greatly depends upon you. You can either take images first and then edit them using digital software. On the contrary, you can always create images using the software and then translate them onto paper.

 Common applications of graphic tablets and computer drawing


 One of the most common applications of computer drawing in graphic tablet is animation, graphic arts, and comics.

 We can clearly see what advantages the users are able to enjoy while editing, creating images, digitizing, and other numerous possibilities.

 Artists have the option to draw clear lines, change the line shading, add colors, and much more.

 Moreover, the stylists offer the facility to use different brushes and filters in quick succession. it also makes editing, adding depth to images, and making things vibrant easy.

The Best Drawing Digital Tablet

Since we have established the importance of using a drawing digital tablet along with a traditional medium of art, let’s learn about some of the best drawing distro tablets that you can invest.

Creator POP VK430


The first on our list is the creator pop VK430. This is an amazing tablet that offers a 290 pp S higher report rate. It is great for signing on PDF files, sketching, editing pictures, and drawing. The tablet offers four options for customizable shortcuts.

It is lightweight and you can easily put it in your pocket because of its compact size. It comes with a P05 battery-free pen that allows you constant uninterrupted playing OSU.

It offers 8192 levels of pressure sensor tea that identifies even the most subtle strokes and ensures accuracy in terms of mouse position and hitting a rhythm.

With its customizable express keys, the artist could easily switch between different programs and enjoy their favorite shortcuts including zoom-in, and several others at their fingertips.

The USB seaport is designed to offer convenience and stability when it comes to plugging in and plugging out.

The great thing about this drawing little tablet is that it is compatible with different software and is great for online teaching, signature signing, eLearning, or remote working. It works well with programs like PowerPoint, zoom, OneNote, word, and several others.

Creator POP S640


Another great ultra-slim tablet that you can invest in is the created pop S640. The amazing tablet comes with a 6 x 4-inch active area and 2MM thickness. It weighs just one 17G making it sleek and lightweight. You could easily carry it in your laptop bag or briefcase.

 With its 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the stylist can deduct even the most subtle strokes. It has a 290 PPS reporting rate and 5080LPI resolution ensuring vibrant, clear, and crisp images.

The tablet is compatible with a number of software including PowerPoint, excel, word and numerous others thus making it an ideal digital drawing tablet for sketching, painting, nft art, eLearning, E signature, remote working, photo editing, and several other things.

Things to ponder: is more technology needed?

Since the introduction of graphic tablets, computers, and much-related software, rendering images have become extremely easy.

Why invest your time using paper to paint and draw when you can achieve much better results in lesser time using graphic tablets? 

Recent studies and articles better the pedagogical benefits of graphic tablets I’ve discussed. It seems that the results are greatly positive. However, these articles, services,s and studies do not exclude the traditional medium of paper, Ink, pencil, etc.

 Practicing using different mediums allow an understanding of the visual possibilities, and the drawing digital tablet adds the perfect way to enhance and expand upon these visuals.

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