April 20, 2024
concierge service

People who are always on the move prefer the concierge service to have an assistant always by their side. Today most business people need to be in Europe in the morning and in New York in the afternoon. That’s something that their adjacent personnel may not easily stand. You need a company with multinational personnel that can assist you in your busy lifestyle no matter where you are. Let’s dive deep into what Concierge services can offer you and why they are so different from other projects you have seen so far.

Jet Flights Anywhere in the World

Suppose you have a late meeting in Hong Kong and need to be there by tonight, but there is no commercial flight to serve you. Concierge has its private fleet to ensure that you can get a private jet flight no matter the weather conditions and the traffic regulations. The Concierge has its own pilots and flight attendants to ensure you can plot your own way to the extremities of our planet and be on time for your precious meetings. 

We Can Assist You In Shopping

When you are finally in your desired destination, Concierge can keep on offering you its services there. No matter where you may go you always need to get some presents for your family and friends. However, you may not have the time to do so during your busy day. There is literally no need to worry. Concierge will find you the right assistant to get you to the stores and buy anything you like. Simply give the nod, and they will know which one is the best garment for your wife or girlfriend. It’s the best deal you can have!

Concierge May Also Book Your Hotel and Arrange Your Trip

Even when you don’t have time to book your hotel and arrange the trip, you can ask the Concierge personnel about it. As we will accompany you on the business trip, we can give you the best services to book the hotel you always dream of and are willing to pay more to have the best suite there. We know what you need from your hotel, and we surely have the time and expertise to give you the time of your life when it’s high time to get some rest in your luxurious residence.

Lifetime Experiences Are Easy with Concierge

Some people just can’t wait for some lifetime experiences like rock concerts, formula one races, safaris, etc. No matter where you go, the Concierge personnel can inform you about the lifetime experiences that are available just a few miles away from your destination. Then you can check your schedule, and if you have some additional time, you can have the Concierge assistants get you there in premium seats with a private view of the scene!

Luxury Car Rentals is Another Concierge Benefit

Getting to a place is one issue. Having the right car to assist you on local routes is another. Concierge will take time to know about your car preferences and rent the one that will meet your expectations. Some users like to drive sports cars when on business trips. However, some others would love to be inside limos and have their own driver to get them through the busy streets of big cities. No matter what you want, concierge service assistants are there to give you the best possible solution that will match your preferences.

You Can Also Rent a Helicopter to Get You Anywhere 

If you are still busy and have no time driving, Concierge can also offer you the helicopter hiring alternative. We have access to the best commercial helicopters in all countries around the globe. Our assistants will come with you to the helicopter and ensure you will be there on time for your meeting without the need to get through the road traffic that sometimes could be dangerous for VIPs. 

Concierge May Organize the Best Corporate or Private Events

Finally, if you are looking to organize some corporate or private events to honor your business assistants, friends, or family, Concierge can be there to give you the best possible solutions. We have expert assistants who know everything about events, places, calendars, and etiquette. They will help you with the music, the menus, and the drinks, which are all you need to have a very private and successful event. concierge service can manage your busy life and bring you close to happiness and perfection!

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