April 24, 2024

Some candidates often send letters or call to inquire about the relevant content of the certification registration and exam registration process. In response to this, China Cisco Registration Network has compiled the following detailed explanations for candidates.

  1. Registration location and contact information

Cisco Exam Registration Locations

  1. Select the registration point in your city to sign up;
  2. Choose China Cisco Registration Network to register, which is convenient, hassle-free and preferential.
  3. How to pay for the exam?

RMB Cash Payment/Alipay/Remittance

  1. What information do candidates need to provide to the test registration point? 

Personal information (including Chinese name and pinyin); mailing certificate address (in both Chinese and English); contact number; personal email address. The above information is your confirmation letter for accepting the test registration, as well as updates on the information you receive for your certificate or exam. 

Exam Information: Provide Prometric testing ID (referring to candidates who have taken the test at the Prometric test center before) Candidates can only have a unique Prometric testing ID, and must provide to the test registration point before each test registration; the test subject and test name; test language; test date; test time 

Please confirm that all the information is correct before submitting. After the registration is successful, the candidate’s name, test subject and test language cannot be changed. 

  1. Cisco exam registration time

If the registration and the test are on the same day, it must be submitted to the registration point before 10:00 am on the same day. For details, please contact the registration point in your area.

  1. Confirmation of Cisco exam  registration success

After the test registration is successful, the Prometric Registration Center will send the test registration confirmation email to the candidates. Please check your e-mail in time. If you do not receive it, please contact the Prometric Registration Center or the Cisco test registration point designated by Prometric in order to avoid delays in taking the test. The confirmation email includes your personal information and the specific information of the test registration (city, test subject, date, time, language), please check carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact Prometric to designate the Cisco test registration point in time. And keep the confirmation for changes.

  1. Cisco Candidate Certificate Requirements

Candidates taking the Cisco exam must bring two different types of valid documents to take the exam at the same time. (Both documents can be both types of documents) For the first type of documents, please choose one of the following documents: passport, official resident ×××, military officer’s license, driver’s license. For the second type of documents, please choose one of the following documents: household registration, certificate of foreign enterprise employee work permit with company seal and photo (with photo and school seal) Home Return Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, Travel Permit for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macau, Work Permit for Foreigners, Student ID Card with school official seal and photo, Academic Graduation Certificate (with your photo and school seal), personal credit card (non-bank debit card), social security card Or medical and social insurance handbook, unemployment insurance certificate/card, certificate of disability, letter of introduction, company personnel department, the police station where the household registration is located, the talent exchange center where the file is located, the sub-district office, or the individual who is studying at the school, etc. Post letter. The letter of introduction should contain the name of the person in Chinese and English, the number of ×××, the description of the relationship with the unit that issued the letter of introduction, and the official seal of the unit.

  1. Time to arrive at the examination room

You need to arrive at the examination room 15 minutes before the agreed examination time. In order to protect a good test environment, if you are more than 30 minutes late, you will not be able to enter the test room, and the test cost will not be refunded.

  1. Requirements for items to be brought in the exam

During the exam, only valid documents are allowed to enter the test room. Any personal items, including scratch paper, pens, calculators, etc., cannot be used in the computerized test room. The test necessities are provided by the test room. 

The above is the Cisco exam registration process and precautions. Comprehensive services, preferential prices, and efficient office work, choosing China Cisco Registration Network is the first step for you to choose success. We will communicate with customers at the first time, register at the first time, and ensure that you are foolproof ‘s exam. 

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