April 24, 2024

Preparing for PMP Exam is not only to get a certificate to prove one’s ability, but also a good way to systematically sort out Project Management knowledge.

As a project manager, I have been carrying out system integration and software delivery projects for many years. During this period, I have met various types of users, different types of project execution teams and various project requirements, but I have also experienced all kinds of success and joy, of course, there is no lack of small regret. Although sometimes I feel tired and helpless, it has never changed my love for Project Management.

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of Project Management experience from my work and life, as well as a lot of thinking and feelings. I always want to collect these experiences and feelings and precipitate them, which leads to the idea of applying for the PMP Examination. In my opinion, preparing for PMP Exam is not only to get a certificate to prove one’s ability, but also a good way to systematically sort out project management knowledge.

Fortunately, as a rookie in PMP Examination, I found SPOTO, a Professional PMP Training Institution. It’s only three months since I began to have the idea to take the PMP Exam. At the beginning, I was still a little nervous. However, SPOTO’s professional PMP Exam Prep guide, massive test preparation materials and super high PMP Exam pass rate gave me great confidence.

My test preparation starts from the SPOTO’sPMP Certification Course online. Xie Zhijie’s online class focuses on the knowledge context of PMBOK. However, he does not dump a lot of knowledge in the class. Instead, he uses his past practical project experience as a carrier to help students understand PMP’s Project Management ideas through the explanation of these project examples, Through understanding rather than memorizing, it helps students to master the context and key points of PMP Project Management ideas.

After basically mastering the concept, thought and various management tools of PMP, SPOTO’s PMP Simulation Test System brings me another very useful means of preparing for the exam. As an adult who has been away from school for more than ten years, examination is a very strange thing for me. Using the simulation test system, I gradually find the feeling of the test, but also understand the way and tendency of the PMP Test.

From the beginning of contact with the simulation test questions are not finished state, through repeated simulation, gradually improve the score, to finally basically ensure a satisfactory result, the simulation test system not only helps me improve the ability to deal with the PMP Exam, but also greatly enhance my confidence.

As a project manager, I treat PMP preparation as a project. In the three months of the preparation process, I divide it into three stages.

In the first two months, I mainly combined with the course materials of SPOTO to quickly read PMBOK, remember the main concepts, and understand the Project Management ideas of PMP.

Later, I used 20 days to do simulation test questions, and sort out my own ideas in this process.

In the last ten days before the exam, I mainly combined with the sprint course of SPOTO to improve the problem-solving skills, and focused on consolidating the easy scoring questions such as calculation questions. It can form short-term memory for the easily forgotten knowledge points.

Looking back on my whole PMP journey, I think the most important thing is to understand the idea of PMP Project Management System. It is important to remember the concept and master the management tools, but only when we really understand the idea of PMP Project Management System, can we learn by analogy when facing unfamiliar problems, and adapt measures to local conditions when applying PMP Project Management System to our actual work, so that PMP is not only an exam.


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