April 20, 2024

Notice of the combined PMI certification exams of April and June in 2021 in Mainland China 

Dear all candidates:

In order to ensure the safety and health of all candidates and to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, PMI and the China Foundation for International Talent Exchange have decided to combine the PMI certification exams of April and June in 2021 in mainland China.And the exam dates will be determined and announced depending on the situation of the epidemic.

For those candidates affected by this postponement, PMI will extend the validity of their exam qualification accordingly.

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) in April and June in 2021 will be combined in mainland China. And this exam will be the first exam in 2021, using the current version of the syllabus.The new syllabus will be used for the second examination in 2021. (If the examination can be held normally in June, the new syllabus will be used in September.)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

PMI (Project Management Institute)

China International Talent Exchange Foundation

January 19, 2021

The second exam in 2021 will be based on a new syllabus, and the new version will focus on the following three new areas.

  1. People

Emphasis on skills and activities related to effectively leading project teams


  1. Processes

Enhancement of technical areas of managing projects


III. Business Environment

Highlighting the link between project and organizational strategy




The content is distributed across the value delivery spectrum (including agile and blended approaches) in three exam areas.

Other adjustments to the new version of the exam are following.

There are 180 questions in the exam. (There were 200 questions in the previous exam.)

The duration of the exam will be 230 minutes. (Previously the exam lasted 240 minutes.)

The question types will include single and multiple choice questions, with the multiple choice questions indicating how many correct choices are required.

  1. More multiple choice questions will be added to the exam. (Previously, there are all the single choice questions in the exam.)
  2. The total number of questions in the examination will be 180. (The number of the previousexam is 200.)
  3. The exam will last 230 minutes. (Previous exam lasted 240 minutes.)

The increase in the number of multiple choice questions will undoubtedly make the exam more difficult.

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